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Lessons to Learn from Yann Darwin's success

Yann Darwin (ascend 5)

Everyone hopes to succeed when starting a business. Unfortunately, the many trials and challenges may seem like a faraway dream. Yann Darwin is a well-known investor and author who has established and solidified his place in the industry. Here are lessons you can learn from his success.

Like everyone, Yann had a dream - a dream to become an investor. Determined to make his dream a reality, Yann invested in his dream, and he is very successful. He is the co-founder of Greenbul Group, a leading personal finance company with branches in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and France. Greenbul Group is helping clients revolutionize their finances and attain financial freedom through investment. Yann is also a famous Youtuber and his channel attracts a lot of attention in and out of France. The channel has over 170K subscribers and 15+ million views, making it among France's most popular personal finance channels.

Here are some tips from Yann:

  • Be courageous

    Following your dreams requires courage; unless you are bold enough to pursue those dreams, there is a zero chance of making them a reality. If your vision requires you to change your career path, expect the obstacles to be greater. Explaining to your friends and your family why you need to change your career is not going to be easy. Nonetheless, that should not weigh you down.

  • Keep your eye on the prize.

    More than ten years later after quitting his job, Jann’s impact in the real estate and financial markets is visible. However, he has encountered countless obstacles and challenges along the way and has made a couple of mistakes. Fixing his eyes on the prize, Yann continues to persevere through the hard times. According to Yann, setting goals keeps him grounded. In addition, having an open mindset helps him approach situations from a different angle.

  • It is okay to fail

    People are taught that failure is wrong; therefore, whenever you encounter failure, what comes to mind is giving up. Failing is okay, says Yann; it provides you with an opportunity to learn something new and challenges your potential. Every time he has encountered failure, Yann has come back stronger. Focusing on failure or an error you made will leave you frustrated and discouraged. It is best to focus on strategies that will help you get back on track.

  • Work hard

    Success takes time; it is essential to forget the get-rich-quick stories and focus on writing your own story. It has taken Yann a lot of effort, resilience, and determination to grow his brand. To get the results that you desire, you must put in serious work, says Yann.

Learning is a continuous process, and you do not have to know everything, and it is okay to ask for help. As a self-taught investor, Yann has made it his primary goal to help train people on what they need to know about investments using his Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels.

You must remain true to your dreams. The above lessons will help you become successful as well.

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