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Top 8 Synthetic Urine Brands "Fake Pee" 2021

Top 8 Synthetic Urine (jontorres)

Have you ever failed a drug test? It isn't a fun experience.

Let's say you just got offered a new job, but there's a required drug test beforehand. Even with an increasing number of states legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana use, you can still be penalized for it showing up on a drug test. And unfortunately, many employers still mandate drug testing as a part of their hiring process. Even rehabilitation clinics and prisons can order random drug tests if they have some reason for concern.

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Luckily, all hope is not lost if you've recently done a little weekend pot and have a drug test coming up. The answer to your problems is synthetic urine, also known as fake pee. Yes, you read that correctly. Various brands offer fake urine kits that will help you pass that drug test coming up.

In this article, we've outlined some of the best synthetic urine kits on the market. Check them out below.

Most Affordable Synthetic Urine: PassADrugTest Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

The Best Option For Synthetic Urine: TestClear Urinator

TestClear Urinator (Recommended)

Price: $169.95

The Urinator is an electronic urine testing device that maintains the temperature needed in a drug test for a minimum of four hours at a time. The device is effective and even reusable. TestClear notes that the main reason synthetic urine will fail a drug test is because of the urine's incorrect temperature. You need to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature until the time of the test. That can be difficult and is exactly where The Urinator comes into the equation.

What The Urinator Includes

100ml dual-port, medical-grade IV bag with liquid crystal thermometer

60ml syringe with donor sample

Flexible silicone heater

Sealed, digital temperature controller

Thermal mini-blanket to maintain heat


This product is reusable for future drug tests.

The vinyl IV bag is designed to contain heat, with an insulated blanket to conceal and prevent burns on the skin.

The battery-operated heating source can connect to the controller and easily heat the contents of the IV bag.

Vinyl tubing comes with easy-to-use clamps to help control the flow of synthetic urine.

An instruction manual is included in the purchase for easy use.


The synthetic urine is not premixed.

The two, nine-volt batteries needed for power are not included in the kit.

The product is relatively expensive.

Key Features

The Urinator is designed to ensure that the synthetic urine will mimic the temperature of natural pee. It can be difficult for the fake pee to reach the exact temperature required. Most synthetic urine products come with heating pads or powders, which can be risky and unreliable. The Urinator has a computerized heating device that runs on batteries. The digital controller allows you to easily control the needed temperature, eliminating much of that risk. Plus, you can use the liquid crystal thermometers to continuously regulate the temp. When it comes time for the sample to be collected at your test, you can simply turn the heating device off and hand it in.

The medical-grade IV bag comes with a flexible tube that's able to stretch out the bag. This mechanism will help you safely transfer the mixture, while also avoiding the chance of cross-contamination. The Urinator is also comfortable to wear and discreet, reducing your chances of getting caught. It's noted that the heating device can burn the skin, making it important to wear the insulated blanket to cover the IV bag and prevent any damage.

Customer Service

The Urinator customer support team is very helpful, especially when it comes to this high-tech device. Using the device correctly is vital to passing the drug test. Taking the time to understand how it works will be very important to ensure you test negative. The Urinator team is happy to answer any questions and address concerns over the phone, by email, or through live chat.

TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit

Price: $49.95

This Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit is another great option from TestClear. The powdered synthetic urine kit includes a vial that contains powdered urine, a 50 ml plastic medical transport vial, a temperature strip, and two air-activated heaters. The attached heaters will last up to 6 hours after being activated. The powder is balanced for pH and gravity. It also contains all the vital urine chemicals found in real human urine, like urea. You do have to mix the powder yourself, but the medical transport vial makes transporting the synthetic urine easy.

What The Kit Includes

Sealed vial of powdered urine

Air-activating heat pads and self-regulated heating source

Reusable temperature strips

Transport vial after mixing the concoction


The powder is free of toxins, like biocide and other common artificial preservatives.

The characteristics of this fake pee, including its look and smell, behave as an extremely close chemical alternative to real human urine.

A separate mixing vial decreases the chance of cross-contamination between varying formulations.

A detailed product pamphlet is included for easy-to-follow instructions


This is not a premixed product.

The air-activated heating pads cannot be reused for other drug tests.

Key Features

This kit from Test Clear is a standout option, providing powdered synthetic urine that mimics the characteristics of real pee. It impressively combines all of the qualities that make up real, drug-free human urine. This powdered form includes uric acid, chloride, dissolved ions, creatinine, potassium, sodium, urea, and other compounds present in real pee. As a result, TestClear is ideal for unsupervised drug tests. Your chances of testing negative and passing the drug test, with the help of this synthetic urine substance, are pretty good.

The urine needs to reach an adequate temperature with the help of the two air-activating heating pads. These are high-quality heat sources that are small and flexible enough to easily transport into the drug-testing area. Once you have thoroughly mixed the synthetic urine, you can tape the heat pads around the fake pee vial. You should activate them at least one hour before the test and you can easily check the temperature with the reusable temperature strips. These strips can read the accurate temperature of the mixture, helping you determine whether or not more heat is needed. This will help the fake urine reach an optimal temperature to fully mimic the traits of authentic urine.

Customer Service

TestClear provides users with an affordable and effective product for an upcoming drug test. They have amazing reviews and customers are always very impressed by the accuracy of this potent synthetic urine. For being so effective, the kit comes at a very affordable price point of $49.95. Plus, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, TestClear invites its customers to always call or email their team in advance of the test.

TestNegative Incognito Belt

Price: $125

The TestNegative Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a gravity-operated device that is proven to be effective when taking a drug test. The belt is specifically designed to wrap around your waist and discreetly store the synthetic urine product. It's a lightweight, comfortable option that'll make a stressful drug testing situation more convenient and less nerve-racking.

What The Incognito Synthetic Urine Belt Includes

1 bladder bag with 3 ounces of premixed, toxin-free synthetic urine

Adjustable velcro belt, that fits up to a 48-inch waist

2 heating pads

1 temperature strip


Unisex for both male and female use

Made with real-urine chemical compounds

Biocide-free synthetic urine

A premixed kit that will help avoid cross-contamination

Includes a lightweight belt that's user-friendly, convenient, and adjustable

Balanced pH and specific gravity to mimic the density of real pee

One-year shelf life before going bad


One of the more expensive synthetic urine products on the market

There is no heat activating powder included

Key Features

This Incognito Belt is a gravity-operated device that makes it easy to manage the many components involved with using fake urine during a drug test. It allows you to easily store the synthetic urine underneath your clothes and is virtually undetectable. It's a lightweight mechanism that makes it easy to adjust the velcro around your waist as needed. You can choose to adjust the belt to accommodate whether you're sitting or standing, providing an additional layer of comfort throughout this usually stressful process.

The Clear Choice synthetic urine is completely biocide-free and is formulated with 11 chemical compounds, including uric acid and urea, typically found in authentic pee. It is also balanced for pH, specific gravity, and creatinine. Since the fake pee contains many of the same ingredients and characteristics as real urine, you can submit your sample without worrying about any suspicion.

The kit also comes with a heating apparatus that'll work to match the body's natural temperature and a rubber tube that'll easily release the synthetic urine once heated.

Customer Service

Clear Choice offers customer service support Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. You can contact a representative if you have questions about the product by phone or email. Additionally, Clear Choice has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Incognito Belt or any of its other products.

Piss Perfect QuickFix Plus Urine

Price: $139.95

This QuickFix Plus Urine is cleanable, reusable, and ultimately just a great synthetic urine kit for drug tests. It includes laboratory-grade synthetic urine, a temperature indicator, and 4 sticky hand warmers. All you have to do is heat up the synthetic urine in the microwave to get it to body temperature. Once the urine has reached around 96°F-98°F, you can use the syringe to inject The Piss Perfect Synthetic Urine with the synthetic urine. The hand warmers will keep the synthetic urine at the proper temperature for up to 8 hours.

What The Kit Includes

1 Piss Perfect delivery system

1 temperature stick

4 sticky hand heating sources

1, 3-ounce Quick Fix Synthetic Plus synthetic urine

A detailed instruction manual


The mechanism comes in 5 shades to match your skin tone, helping to not spark suspicion during a supervised drug test.

The kit comes with laboratory-grade, high-quality synthetic urine that matches the traits of real pee.

The Piss Perfect device is cleanable and reusable for future drug tests.

It includes hand warmers that will keep the synthetic urine at an ideal temperature for up to 8 hours at a time.


Not 100% undetectable.

The mechanism can be tricky to use.

This can be considered an expensive product even though it is reusable.

Key Features

This Synthetic Urine Delivery System is specifically designed to have a silent flow. With some other devices on the market, your cover could be blown due to the many clicks required to operate the apparatus. The Piss Perfect can bypass these risks.

The kit also comes with quality synthetic urine that contains many of the same ingredients found in real human pee. The formula was designed in a laboratory setting. This fake pee is toxin-free and can be used by either males or females. It is balanced for pH and specific gravity and contains creatinine, urea, uric acid, and several other natural urine compounds.

If you don't end up using the fake pee for whatever reason, you can always drain it from the system, place it back in the bottle, and reheat it when you're ready. Though, it's important to tighten the cap securely and keep the bottle out of direct sunlight as that could decrease its potency, or even spoil the contents altogether.

Customer Service

If you have a question regarding any of the fake pee kits, you can always call the customer service team. The website also has a "frequently asked questions" section that answers many of the common questions asked by their customers.

ClearChoice The Practice Kit

Price: $65

This Practice Kit from ClearChoice is used just to practice before the actual drug testing occurs. Essentially, it's a synthetic urine sample that can be reheated, adding a layer of convenience when practicing with this kit. If you don't know how to use the heat pads or heat activator, this is a great kit to get started and gain some insight. You can practice using different heat sources to try and reach an ideal temperature. When it comes to synthetic urine and drug testing, practice makes perfect. Get started with this ClearChoice Practice Kit.

What The Kit Includes

3-ounce mixing container

Temperature strip to regulate temp

Heating pad

Heat activating powder

Spout cap that mimics real pouring

An instruction manual that makes it easy to follow the directions


Allows users to practice using a heat-activating agent, so they can enter into the drug test with confidence.

All heat sources needed to practice are included in the purchase.

It comes with an easy-to-read temperature strip.

A mixing container is included to help experience the full process.


There is no synthetic urine powder included in the kit.

This product is pretty expensive, considering it's only meant to be used to practice.

Key Features

Clear Choice has been a pioneer when it comes to fake urine kits and quick-fix detox products. The company offers customers several options when it comes to passing a drug test, including a complete synthetic urine kit, premium premixed urine, an incognito belt, and a variety of cleanses. Even though these products are relatively easy to use, it can be stressful to put your drug test on the line without practicing first. That's where this practice kit comes into play. It will give you all of the necessary materials to practice beforehand and enter into the actual test with confidence.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about the Practice Kit or wish to inquire about another product, you can reach the Clear Choice customer service team by phone or email. There are representatives available to chat Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. EST.


What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is a fancy way to say fake pee. Fake urine was created to test certain products, such as diapers, mattresses, cleaning agents, and even medical devices. This formula was then repurposed to be used for drug testing.

When it comes to drug testing, synthetic urine products can be a quick fix solution for an upcoming test. The artificial urine is typically created in a laboratory setting and is designed to look, smell, and even foam like real pee.

So, how does fake urine pass as real urine? Well, synthetic urine is often composed of certain chemicals, like creatinine, yellow food coloring, and uric acid to match the true characteristics of urine. Synthetic urine must contain a certain level of acidity because it's supposed to be balanced for pH. Additionally, because organic urine is thicker than water, the mixture needs to be balanced for specific gravity.

How do you use a fake urine kit?

Fake urine typically comes in two forms - liquid or powdered. Liquid synthetic urine will come with a concentrated liquid base, while the powdered version will come with dehydrated urine powder that is mixed with water to create a urine-like consistency.

Usually, the included ingredients and compounds are very similar, with the main difference lying in the consistency. At the end of the day, both forms will function in the same way. However, a powder-based fake pee will require an extra step of mixing the concentrate with water. This can be inconvenient and messy to some.

Whether using liquid or powder, there are a few basic steps to follow to pass an administered test.

Step 1: Prep the fake pee sample

If you're using a liquid, you can skip this step. But if you're using a powder, it's important to take the time to properly mix the powder with water in advance of your test.

Step 2: Store the contents on a fake urine belt

Next, you'll want to discreetly load the sample onto an incognito belt under your clothes. This step is vital to ensure you enter the testing site without suspicion. Many comprehensive kits will come with special syringes and belts that will help with this. Otherwise, you can purchase one separately.

Step 3: Heat the sample to the correct temperature

Your fake urine sample needs to be submitted at an accurate temperature. Many kits come with varying heating sources, like pads and air-activating powders, that allow you to heat the liquid in advance.

Step 4: Go to your test

There is only one thing left to do. Complete all of the prior steps when it counts - at your test. Heat your sample, store it discreetly somewhere on your body, and head to your test. If you're worried about pouring the sample into the given container, you can always try practicing ahead of time.

Does fake urine work?

If you use the kit properly, yes it does work! The companies that manufacture synthetic urine formulate their products carefully and with precision. The ingredients are meant to mimic the main characteristics of natural urine with a synthetic chemical composition that is similar in color, smell, pH levels, specific gravity, creatine, foaming, temperature, and more.

Here is a deeper look at some of the characteristics commonly found in high-quality fake urine:


The color of the fake urine needs to be spot on, otherwise, it can be a flashing indicator that you have used a synthetic product. A quality kit will consider this, adding varying shades of yellow and green to give the substance a realistic presence. The chemical compound, Urochrome, is the main active agent that causes urine to have a yellowish color. Real urine can range from a light yellow to dark amber, and your fake urine should look similar.


Real urine has a strong scent. Synthetic urine manufacturers should add ingredients to the formula that will imitate the aroma of natural urine. If your fake sample includes chemical compounds to do this, drug test administrators will not be able to tell the difference.

pH Level

Lab technicians will also balance the urine for pH and test those levels to ensure it is under a proper range. The best powdered or liquid synthetic urine kits will have a pH level around the 4.5-8 range. Keep this in mind when looking at different products to purchase.

Specific Gravity

Specific gravity is a measured concentration in urine when the body excretes different waste molecules. Essentially, it measures how well the kidneys are diluting the urine by testing its density. This is often used to evaluate kidney function and aid in the diagnosis of various renal illnesses. However, it is also a key indicator of drug tests. Use a kit that accounts for this variable. A normal specific gravity value will range between 1.010 to 1.030.


Many manufacturers will also add creatinine to their formulas. The body's muscles break down this chemical compound as a waste product. It's excreted as a result of your metabolism. A specific level of creatinine is always present in natural urine. The same ingredient should be present in a synthetic urine sample as well.


When real human urine is poured into the drug test container, it will have a foamy, bubbly consistency. Albumin, which is a protein made by the liver and filtered through the kidneys, is responsible for this frothy texture. High-quality fake urine will also include some albumin to recreate this effect.


Finally, and possibly the most important factor is temperature. Cold fake urine will be an immediate giveaway. Your sample needs to maintain your body's temperature. Real human urine will lie around 90°F to 98°F. Make sure your kit comes with a heating source to warm up the contents and a temperature stick to track its temperature.

How long does synthetic pee last?

The shelf life of your synthetic urine kit will mostly vary depending on the manufacturer and expiration date given. Though, it's important to note that a product like this will expire eventually, making it crucial to keep your eye on its shelf life. Using an expired powder or liquid could result in a failed test.

Generally, a chemical product like fake urine will last you around 2-3 years. There are a few factors that could diminish its shelf life, regardless of the brand chosen.

Left in extremely hot or cold environments

Exposed to excessive sun

Uncapping the product and exposing it to oxygen for a long period

Exposure to humidity or dust

Store your kit in a safe, secure place. It's best to keep it at room temperature and out of the sun. These conditions may even extend the life of the product.

How do you check if the urine is still good?

There are a few ways you can check whether the bottle is still good to use:

Smell it and analyze whether the scent is similar to regular urine. If it smells really bad, the product is most likely tainted.

Check the pH levels. It should be in the range of 4.6-8.

If bubbles do not appear when shaken, the synthetic urine is no good.

Check the creatinine levels. It should be around 0.5-1.2.

Which synthetic urine kit should you choose?

This is entirely up to you. Choose a product that you feel comfortable and confident using. Of course, the price will play a major factor as well. Just be sure to thoroughly read the manufacturer's instructions, check which ingredients are used and what purpose they serve, and sort through customer reviews. The latter being the most telling as to whether the product has worked for others in the past. That being said, make sure your synthetic urine kit balances quality with affordability. The kits listed above are all great options. Good luck, we're wishing you the best to pass that drug test!

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