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Learn From Timothy Bratz About Real Estate & Leadership

Timothy Bratz (ascend 9)

The world of real estate is fast paced, competitive and unforgiving. Most real estate agents and companies function by following strategies or playing as safe as they can while making the maximum profit. It can be daunting to step into the real estate industry and many people only manage to live a mediocre life. Combining his real estate acumen with his natural leadership abilities, Timothy Bratz has managed to become the success icon he is today.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Timothy and his wife, Kate, have two children. Timothy bought his first investment property at the age of 23. Over the next few years he put in the effort to grow his portfolio and start new businesses. By the age of 27, Timothy realized that those shiny objects were nothing but a distraction, and went back to concentrating on his real estate portfolio which grew to an impressive 140 units by the age of 30.

Despite things going steady, he encountered a problem: Timothy was forced to liquidate his portfolio due to a rather unhappy partnership. Setbacks like this can be devastating. However, Timothy regarded this as a lesson and got back in the game. With a talented team, he began working on the impressive portfolio he has today.

Timothy and his company, Legacy Wealth Holdings, were flipping an impressive 80 to 100 properties a year, but not getting ahead. He was also investing in apartment buildings on the side, and quickly realized that the majority of wealth was generated through apartments, so that’s where he started devoting his efforts. Today, at the age of 36, Timothy has managed to develop a portfolio of over 4,000 rental units worth more than $400 million.

As the business grew, Timothy shared his journey on social media. He was approached by many entrepreneurs asking if he had considered coaching for how to grow an apartment portfolio. This was the birth of his 2-day bootcamp, Commercial Empire. This eventually led to the launch of two incredibly impactful mastermind groups. Legacy Boardroom (LegacyBoardroom.com) is a mastermind group that acts as a daily support network and board of directors for small business owners seeking to enhance their rental portfolios. Legacy Family Mastermind is a highly selective mastermind designed to help 7-figure business owners scale to 8- and 9-figures in revenue.

Timothy is a big believer in personal development and growing one’s mindset, so he started a children’s book series called Little Legacy Library. Timothy realized how positive mindset and achievement principles have impacted his life, and wanted to instill those leadership lessons and success philosophies into young children.

With a burning passion to achieve, and the goal to grow leaders, Timothy has set a high standard for his business and his life.

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