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An Exclusive Interview with Sami Loyal, Founder of Forflies

Sami Loyal Forflies (ascend 42)

Everyone has dreams and aspirations; what sets us apart is how focused and passionate we are about those dreams. While some work towards making them a reality, others, due to certain fears, opt to have them remain as just dreams.

Sami Loyal is a young dreamer who has turned his dreams into reality. Sami worked his way to the top, intending to attain success, and he is now a millionaire. At 19 years old, Sami is an expert crypto trader and successful entrepreneur. He is also the creator of Forflies, a Youtube channel that helps traders learn their way around the market. In addition, Sami uses the channel to share his expertise on the crypto market, indices, and commodities.

Growing up in the digital age, like most of the GenZ generation, Sami was exposed to technology at a young age. Starting his first business at 13 years old, Sami created a Youtube channel where he did tech reviews. He later expanded his focus to cryptocurrency. Dropping out of school to follow his passion, Sami focused more on crypto and has cemented his spot in the industry. Being in the industry himself, Sami shares tips on how to successfully maneuver in the market and grow your trade. The channel continues to attract attention with a follower base of more than 100k. In addition, Sami’s skills in the industry have seen him attend and speak at various financial summits across the globe.

Coming from a less privileged background and relying on government cheques, Sami’s dream was to make it in life. In his words, he wanted to give back to his family and upgrade their lives. Making his first million at 17, Sami kept going, and at 19, he bought his mum a house and her dream car. His brand Forflies equally continues to expand.

Speaking about his first trade, Sami notes that he did not start making big wins from the word go. In fact, he cites that as a young trader, he found himself making so many reckless mistakes that ended up costing him a lot of money. Finally, he realized where he was falling short and worked towards improving it, and he was then making more wins than losses.

“It is okay to lose,” says Sami. Losing is part of knowing the trade, and rarely will there be a time where a trader does not incur losses. The secret is to work on minimizing the losses and increasing profits. Additionally, try to attain consistency with the profits. As a young person with such great success, he found himself overspending. He says a major challenge he encountered was the inability to remain focused. With frequent partying, Sami barely had enough time to keep track of what was going in the market, and he was slowly dropping the ball. Luckily he realized this before it was too late and got his head back in the game. While he never spent more than he had coming in, what he made was still lower.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to believe in your dreams and fight for them. Sami Loyal believed in his passion, remained dedicated even through the hard times, and he is now living his dreams.

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