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How Sabastian Enges Is Impact Lives across the World through His Success Story

Sabastian Enges (ascend 37)

Success is in your capability to achieve your goals, and the key lies in what you can do to increase your probability of reaching them. There is no defined route for you to follow to succeed because what works for one person is different for someone else. But, there are some basic steps that you can follow to facilitate your success in life.

Sabastian Enges is among the most successful people in the world, and his success has impacted lives worldwide. Sabastian defined his path to success right from his early 20‘s, and today, he is basking in the glory of his portfolio. Sabastian started his career in marketing as a door-to-door sales representative for T-Mobile and would later rise up the ranks to become a retail sales manager.

An established entrepreneur and mindset coach, Sabastian is also the CEO of the national sales organization Fenix Consulting Group. Founded ten years ago, the organization deals with consumer acquisition and increasing their clients’ market share. Their major clients include T-Mobile, Amazon, and the biggest telecommunications company globally, AT&T. Currently, the firm has expanded to over 30 locations nationwide and counting.

The onset of the pandemic resulted in a dramatic rise in the demand for PPE to curb the spread of the virus. A critical thinker and skilled communicator with incredible leadership skills, Sabastian, who has a passion for helping people, seized the opportunity to become a trusted source and voice in the unregulated PPE industry.

The increased demand resulted in incompetence and skyrocketing prices when people needed PPE most. Through his consulting firm, Sabastian stepped in and developed solid relationships with buyers and sellers worldwide. These relations ensured that they sold quality products at a reasonable price. As a result, Sabastian’s PPE business has made overwhelming sales amounting to $500M within the last six months.

Despite losing his mother to cancer, going through a divorce, and losing all the money he had earned in start-ups, Sabastian was able to rise again and remained focused on his goals in the business world. Some of his remarkable successes include running a successful consulting firm that generates $500M in annual revenue, making his first million at 25, and raising $8.5M for start-ups at 21.

Sabastian believes that to get overwhelming results in the market, you have to be exceptional at your craft to ensure you never go unnoticed. Sabastian also advises that you should not only be driven by profits; developing and investing in a unique personal brand will make you stand out above the rest and succeed.

Over the last two years, Sabastian has been investing in building his personal brand to enable him to reach out to as many people as possible and transform their lives. A social entrepreneur, Sabastian aspires to mobilize, equip and train people by changing their mindsets, coaching them on communication and leadership skills to boost their dreams and transform their lifestyles. He aspires to impact others by giving them the tools and resources to think for themselves and take responsibility for their lives and futures.

The future is bright for Sabastian as he looks forward to scaling up his sales organization. He has plans to expand Fenix Consulting Group with a short-term target of reaching fifty locations nationwide by 2023.

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