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Pierre Subeh Shares His Thoughts on Mentors in Business

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Have you ever thought of having a business mentor? Or perhaps do you acknowledge the role of mentor in the success of a business? Business mentors can be an essential part of helping young entrepreneurs maintain focus and achieve their goals. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you can run your business completely by yourself. A mentor is someone that has been there before you, has seen it all, and can help you make the right calls.

Pierre Subeh believes that you need to find yourself mentors to progress in the business world. They don’t have to be physically present, but with them by your side, you can have a source of extra motivation to keep moving forward. You are bound to find yourself in situations where you’re not sure how to move forward. During these moments you need someone to provide guidance.

Pierre Subeh is an author, business expert, and award-winning executive producer. He is widely acknowledged for advocating Middle-Eastern representation and pushing the U.S. Department of State and The White House under the Biden-Harris administration to recognize the month of April as the national Arab American Heritage Month. He has been featured for his business expertise on Forbes, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, CNBC, and The New York Post. He is a natural leader when it comes to managing teams and creating successful ventures, and even started his own business at 17 years old.

In any business venture, Pierre believes that you need mentors and business coaches for constant adaptation and education. If not, it would be difficult for you to scale your business. His business mentors weren’t people he knew in real life. Instead, he relied on YouTube videos, read books, and listened to podcasts that he came across while working. Pierre, however, doesn’t limit his reading scope to marketing alone. He is also fascinated with everything around decision-making and leadership.

To Pierre, success does not come from what you currently know but rather how well you strike a balance between making a decision and your emotions. He believes in his philosophy that business is the core of the world we live in. The more knowledge you have about the functioning of companies, the more likely you will find opportunities for yourself.

Pierre believes that mentors do not have to be the best in the industry. You can start with local business mentors who have succeeded and have a great understanding of the local market.

You must know the difference between a mentor and a business consultant. A consultant will charge you a fee for professional business advice. A downside is that they might have expertise in their field based on academic qualifications instead of direct experience. On the other hand, a mentor is someone with vast experience in your field of interest and will help you from their experience. This is a huge distinction, and Pierre recommends pursuing a mentor.

This is only a fraction of the knowledge Pierre has from being an entrepreneur. He’s working on a book titled ‘Pierre Explains Everything’. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on his work and how he plans to have an impact on the world. He also has a YouTube Channel where he uploads interesting videos.

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