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OTIA Sports Is Changing the Game in High-End Sports Memorabilia

OTIA Sports (ascend 12)

Among the many things that people choose to collect, sports collectibles have always been a favorite to many. Sports collectibles are known to have a story behind their reason for acquisition, and they certainly mark or celebrate an iconic sports event or personality. But one thing is for certain about collectibles: they transcend through time and grow in value as they age.

However, landing your hands on a dream high-end sports collectible can be challenging, especially if it's a rare piece. This has been significantly fueled by the fact that most sports memorabilia collectors engage in line with their interests. It's uncommon to find an all-around high-end sports collector who can get you virtually everything you desire.

OTIA Sports, founded by legendary collector Jason Koonce, has proved to be the store everyone has been yearning for. One Team International Agency, or OTIA as it is popularly known, is founded on Jason's hobby and love for sports collectibles that he’s had from a young age. The Agency has an ever-ongoing portfolio of sports collectibles, including various rare sports cards and other treasures that any enthusiast would want to get their hands on.

Through Jason's leadership, OTIA Sports is changing the game in high-end sports memorabilia. They constantly stock some of the most sought-after pieces, such as vintage sports cards, game-used memorabilia, and iconic autographs. They even do private signings and appearances, corporate events and concerts. Jason's extensive industry network has also been a great addition to the Agency's success and its course of establishing itself as a leading high-end sports memorabilia store.

Jason takes pride in his unrivaled expertise and industry knowledge that he has cultivated over the last three decades in the industry to steer OTIA Sports in the right direction. In fact, most high-end sports memorabilia lovers refer to Jason as the ideal go-to person for all your collectible needs. It really doesn't matter what you're looking for, provided you perfectly describe it to Jason. Working with him, you can be certain to get your hands on that rare card, specific memorabilia piece, or establish that connection with the athlete or celebrity that you've always wanted. In other words, Jason knows where and how to acquire it and who to talk to in order to track it down.

Essentially, setting up OTIA Sports was a move by Jason to crown his experience in the field and formalize his presence in the industry. OTIA Sports fully operates under Jason's unparalleled work ethic and passion for the industry, as that's what he does best. OTIA has also acquired like-minded staff with the relevant skills to keep his passion alive.

Jason's ambition is to scale OTIA Sports and become the leading high-end sports memorabilia agency globally. He also seeks to see more people, young and old, venture into the industry as collectors and investors. To Jason, sports memorabilia can be an exciting investment opportunity for anyone looking to invest in the sports world. He terms it a smart investment decision compared to pumping money into the highly popularized stock markets.

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