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How Mikey Tanha and Tosh Berman are Conquering the Fine Dining Scene Across the Globe

Mikey Tanha Jush Berman (ascend 6)

Mikey Tanha and Tosh Berman are popularly known in the hospitality industry for their companies The Madera Group and Tocaya Modern Mexican. They are premier restauranteurs whose companies have grown a substantial influence over the hospitality and lifestyle industry since 2013. They are also known for curating elite and high-energy fine dining restaurants with exclusive menus that deliver an unforgettable experience to their customers.

Tanha moved into the hospitality industry in 2018 with his current business partner Tosh Berman and together continued to build up The Madera Group and Tocaya. After successfully scaling the companies and expanding them to over 22 outlets and over 1,200 employees, Mikey Tanha and Tosh Berman have shifted their focus to a brand new venture.

The two business wizards had already taken the hospitality industry by storm with innovative ideas and exemplary service. But now, Tanha and Berman have co-founded Noble 33. It is a lifestyle and hospitality organization that will oversee the expansion of his previous ventures. Along with that, this dynamic lineup of social dining restaurants is here to offer exotic drinks, delicious food, and a heavenly ambiance to round off the fine dining scene.

What Has Fueled Mikey Tanha’s Unrivalled Success? The Answer is Tosh Berman.

A business cannot flourish on its own. A forward-looking leader who helms the venture also needs a competent and dedicated team to succeed. One of the biggest reasons Mikey Tanha has been so successful is his amazing team and business partner, Tosh Berman.

Tanha has excellent business insight and expertise. When it comes to striking and closing deals, negotiating with landlords, raising funds for projects, and scaling a company, Tanha specializes and excels in all of them. On the other hand, his business partner Tosh Berman is highly creative and oversees design and menu selection.

The two partners have an exclusive set of skills that complement each other very well. This makes them a powerful duo who had earlier scaled two businesses and are now all set to grow Noble 33 into a global success.

Over the years, Mikey and Tosh have also built an excellent team that has supported them throughout his journey. Each team member is a valuable asset to the company, and Tanha credits the success of all his previous ventures to the team’s efforts.

Mikey Tanha doesn't give up easily. He is not afraid of hard work and patiently plotted out his previous ventures’ journey to success, and now, he plans to do the same for Noble 33. The company was established to redesign the fine dining industry. Even after a colossal success, he continues to give his brand new venture the same effort and enthusiasm to drive it to its peak.

He is passionate about adding quality to people’s lives by perking up their social dining options. With his new-age ideas and perfect execution, he will undoubtedly make Noble 33 the next big thing in the hospitality and lifestyle industry.

If you want to know more about his life, business, and success, you can check out his pages on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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