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LIT Organic Rolling Papers

For discerning smokers around the world, LIT is already a familiar name. With their premium organic rolling papers, LIT offers a quality-conscious option for tobacco, cannabis, and CBD consumers who expect more from their smoking experience. And now, LIT Organic Rolling Papers are arriving in the United States, beginning by launching their signature selection of papers in Florida-based World of Smoke & Vape stores.

A Return to Smoking Tradition with a Modern Spin

At the heart of the LIT mission is a deep respect for the sanctity of smoking, a time-honored tradition that dates back thousands of years and reaches across countless world cultures. The brand’s goal has always been to honor smoking culture while pursuing an innovative, future-focused approach to elevate the industry as a whole. The final result? An expertly-crafted series of rolling papers that serve as a nod to the centuries-old ritual of smoking, while simultaneously bringing your smoke sessions into the 21st century.

Refocusing the Industry Lens on Quality

Though many widely-available rolling papers use chlorine-whitened fibers, LIT offers a cleaner alternative with their signature hybrid blend of organic, non-bleached hemp and rice fibers. Requiring significantly less processing, LIT rolling papers are 100 percent organic, non-GMO, vegetarian-friendly and additive-free. When you slip your first LIT rolling paper from the package, you’ll immediately notice its distinctly translucent, naturally-light white color that is representative of the uniquely toxin-free process by which it is made. And then once you begin smoking, another difference emerges: LIT Organic Rolling Papers are the world’s longest-burning papers, bringing high-performance capabilities to your everyday routine.

Thoughtfully-Designed Details that Shape Your Smoking Experience

It’s not just the way LIT Organic Rolling Papers are made that sets them apart – there is also an impressive array of one-of-a-kind features that have been intentionally incorporated to upgrade your experience. For example, every rolling paper has been individually watermarked, a virtually undetectable addition that helps you avoid frustrating runs and enjoy the benefit of more even burning.

Each of the products featured in the LIT series is intended to flawlessly fit into your lifestyle. Simply choose the option that best suits your preferences and prepare to embark on a delightfully LIT journey:

  • The Awesome Threesome™ is the brand’s most popular product, a cult favorite that’s given new meaning to clean and convenient smoking. Each pack contains three filters and three rolling papers in a handy tray that makes it easy to enjoy a freshly-rolled cigarette anytime, anywhere.
  • The Pyramid PreRoll Cones™ features a crush-free pyramid shape that requires you only to fill, pack, and burn. Every box includes a useful wood packing stick and provides a slow, steady burn.
  • Master Packs™ achieves the perfect balance of value and quality, offering a bulk supply of organic roll papers and booklets to keep you sailing through frequent smoke breaks.

Exceed Your Expectations with LIT Organic Rolling Papers

Ready to elevate your smoking experience to the next level of quality? Crafted to exceed even the highest expectations, LIT Organic Rolling Papers makes an exceptional addition to your individual smoking experience. Whether you prefer to enjoy tobacco, cannabis, CBD during your smoking sessions, you’ll quickly discover that the organic rolling papers created by LIT are unlike any you’ve used before.

Redefine the way you think about rolling papers and join the leagues of LIT smokers who are learning exactly what it means to “Roll clean, Stay Lit.” Find LIT Organic Rolling Papers at all local World of Smoke & Vape stores in and around the Miami area, and look for announcements regarding additional availability in the near future.


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