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How Kartik Anand Grew Kings Groups Ventures to the Success It Is Today

Kartik Anand Grew Kings Groups Ventures (ascend 34)

Kartik Anand is the founder and Executive Chairman of Kings Group Ventures LLC. KGV is a UAE-based company that manages and advises businesses globally. The company is dedicated to increasing its international footprint through diversified partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. Since its establishment, KGV has scaled to become a top business advisory firm with over 2000 employees in eight countries. Through Kartik's leadership, KGV has employed the best management and friendly employees guided by ethical business policies that make the firm stand out in the industry.

With only a vision and no clear path to follow, Kartik Anand created KGV back in 2011, starting with only five employees. His ambition to create a business for businesses was clear, and off he set to create sustainable value through improving businesses and transforming consumer lives. He maintained his focus on producing the best client outcomes and quality initiatives. To make it effective, Kartik introduced the idea to identify target markets and single them out for easy coverage. A skilled business manager, Kartik was quick to introduce a unique and reliable operations approach that placed the customer's interests first with a commitment to delivering high-quality results. This was a key strategy to helping KGV lay a strong foundation in the industry.

After twelve months in the business, KGV had grown to 150 people. Kartik was also looking at how the group would diversify its operations and possibly expand its digital market offerings. KGV showed great potential to scale higher, and Kartik was ready. He worked around the clock, guiding the KGV scale and meeting the fast-rising demand for their services. Additionally, the group expanded its vision to provide customized tailored marketing solutions to their customers, which called for enhancing their quality assurance team.

By 2015, KGV had grown into a global brand employing over 400 people across different countries. They were also having a massive business turnaround with new delivery centers in India and the Philippines. Kartik was quick to spot the need to launch their independent CRM. Such a platform would be resourceful to help the group manage the customer's interactions better. In fact, their strategy and operating models align with their customers, which is the group's hallmark.

With an established target market, Kartik turned his focus on how the group would remain competitive around the world. He opted to expand the company's reach which resulted in new delivery centers in Costa Rica and India. This helped the brand forge integrated global strategies to invest and synergize their go-to-market.

Since then, Kartik has overseen a KGV expansion into various sectors with diverse products and services. In 2019, KGV ventured into the dairy and foods business with Fuji Foods and the Circle of Crust. Technology is everything in this modern era, and KGV is not left behind. They have their Ondot media, incepted the iTech Series all to help improve the company's publications.

An ambitious entrepreneur, Kartik is working on expanding the KGV family by adding more service verticals under his wing. This will give the group a tremendous opportunity to position the KGV brand to serve a larger purpose of adding value and giving back to the community.

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