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Real Estate Mogul Justin Colby Shares The Key Skills You Need For Success

Justin Colby (ascend 36)

The more successful you are, the better rewards you’ll get in your career. In turn, the more money you earn, the closer you’ll be to your dream life. However, success isn’t an easy thing to achieve. There will always be obstacles in your way, no matter what path you go down. If you want a comfortable life, you have to go to great lengths to obtain it.

There’s no shortcut to success, nor is there a definite formula for achieving it, but there are key skills that you can equip to get there. Justin Colby, a renowned real estate investor with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, embodies these. He shares his expert guidance on his podcast, “The Science of Flipping,” but has also shared a few that are included below.

Regardless of your starting point, as long as you have consistency, you can get to the pinnacle of your career. Justin’s journey to success is a testimony to this. When he first entered the real estate industry as an investor, he was broke. To make it worse, his house was foreclosed, and his car was repossessed. However, his circumstances didn’t stop him from going after his dream to be financially free.

One of the reasons why Justin went from broke to a successful investor is because he was consistent. For nine months, he called a hundred real estate agents every single day. Only after that much effort and time had passed that he finally landed his first investment deal. There were countless days when he didn’t feel like doing it because he kept facing rejections, but he continued anyway.

This leads to another crucial skill for success: fortitude. No matter how hard things get, don’t get discouraged or give up. Stay determined and don’t slack off. Follow Justin’s example. After 14 years, he’s still in the game and working hard despite the risks that come with his investment decisions.

This connects to the third quality that you will need to be successful. The results of your every action aren’t always guaranteed to be advantageous for you. Therefore, while you should be wise in making investments to minimize the risk of losses, don’t be too caught up in doing everything right. It’s normal to make mistakes every now and then in this line of work, so don’t be afraid of making one.

However, this doesn’t mean you can be careless. It’s just that progress is better than perfection. There will inevitably be people who will judge you for experiencing losses, especially those who don’t know what you’re going through. This is why being courageous in front of the possibility of failure can be difficult. However, just remember that their opinion isn’t more important than your financial freedom.

Finally, don’t hesitate to seek guidance. There is only so much you can learn from your experiences and achieve on your own. Fortunately, having mentors and coaches from programs like Justin’s “The Science of Flipping” podcast can help you boost your career.

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