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Juris Bruvers reveals secrets of networking

Juris Bruvers (ascend 2)

A network is the most important thing in business as if you don't have anyone to help you along your journey, your chances of success are very minimal. Here today is Juris Bruvers influencer, entrepreneur, and mentor, to talk about some of the secrets that might not seem obvious to people starting out.

Building a network isn't about numbers it's about quality

A network is about relationships and as much as you might think you're in the product or the service business, you're actually in the relationship business says, Juris. And so building relationships and establishing trust is probably the most important thing that you can do for your business and it's also the most important thing and the best way to build your network.

Who is a ''network'' connection?

What you want to do is you want to stay top of mind in people's minds. When your email shows up in their inbox you want to make sure that they want to open it now how do you do that here is the number one best way to build your network states Bruvers.

Send people stuff

It's easy all you have got to try to do is send people stuff. You have got to curate content and send people valuable, inspirational, educational content. What I mean is stuff that might be valuable to them and their business, especially if you have heard them said that they're struggling with a certain aspect of their business. Juris implies that if you recognize that they're engaged on a selected project you would possibly want to send them a piece of writing that relates to its subject or that category of business. You'll send people things like articles or you can send them links to podcasts or videos that you've got liked.

What do you get from a network connection?

Networking is all about giving value to others and hoping that in time they will give value back. So again you need for people to want to hear from you because you always deliver value to them. And eventually, when you ask for that referral or that introduction they're going to be more inclined to give it to you.

Show value first ask for help later

Finally, Juris indicates that you want to show value without expectation of return. Over time your help equity network goes up so when the time comes and you're going to have that small ask, that little favor that you need from them, they're going to be more likely to open your e-mail and say yes to your request.

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