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Josh Bru, Chicago's Leading Talent Buyer Is Ready for the Artist Management Role

Josh Bru (ascend 30)

Artist management can be an exciting career path for music enthusiasts who love being a part of the music industry. It does not require you to have any artistic skills but you have to be good in management. As a manager, you will be tasked with managing the career of your artists and giving them the right opportunities for more exposure and to grow in the industry. It is a highly demanding task that necessitates you to possess various skills from leadership to management.

Josh Bru, Chicago's leading nightlife talent buyer is the latest addition to the list of artist managers. He has over four years of experience in artist booking across Chicago and other cities in the US. Josh has established a credible and trustworthy relationship with most people in the industry. He has partnered with some of the most prominent names in the entertainment scene to organize and book artists. Josh has booked over $250,000 in artists for venues in Chicago and other US cities throughout the years.

Though he came to Chicago to study business at DePaul University, he found himself in the entertainment scene doing promotions for smaller nightlife venues in the city. Within a few years, Josh started his own entertainment company where he employed over a dozen promoters. Before the pandemic, the promoters were tasked with marketing his events throughout all of Chicago's colleges.

He eventually began partnerships with celebrities, famous music festivals, and other influential organizations in the city. This was to help him gain exclusive access to the high-ticket artists to book them for the afterparty events. He achieves this by working together with a venue, primarily a nightclub or concert hall. He runs a full-swing promotional campaign throughout the city to market the event. These promotions are carried out by promoters working for him and include a social media drive with lots of giveaways and prizes. They also employ other promotional techniques to drive ticket sales and foot traffic.

Bottle service clients are also part of Josh Bru's events. He attracts them by referencing his long Rolodex of previously existing clientele that he has established over the years in the industry. Booking an artist is his main task, the most expensive and critical of all. He has to get the right artist for the right event and at the right price. Josh Bru considers an event successful if the nightly income surpasses 3-4 times the artist's cost. A trustworthy, credible, and highly reputable individual, Josh has been able to book some of the most prominent names in the industry. DJ Khaled, Jack Harlow, Migos, Playboi Carti, Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, 24kGoldn, Saweetie, and Travis Scott are some of the artists he has booked.

With such a successful career booking artists, he has decided to expand his scope and get into artist management and A&R. Josh Bru is passionate about nurturing young talents and that's why he wants to work hands-on with more artists. He is focused on delivering high-quality marketing-focused management services to upcoming talents. The industry connections he has made over the years will be crucial in his management role to build the careers of his artists.

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