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Take it from the pro- Jonathan Kvicky explains why taking a small risk today can help mitigate a huge one tomorrow:

Jonathan Kvicky (ascend 11)

“When you come to think of it- it is actually human nature, when we continue to do only one kind of task, although we become very efficient and specialised into it, God forbid if we lose the job. Many of us will turn incapable of providing for any other particular field because we are specialised in only one kind of work.” This thought has been put across by Jonathan Kvicky, a serial entrepreneur, tech investor and senior software developer.

From the very beginning, when Jonathan Kvicky was only 18 years old, he established his company which was basically a PR agency. Like then he never really knew how established he would become in the business environment, but the present-day scenario is far better than what he expected. He has only himself to thank. Apart from this, he also contributed to the development of one of the top news aggregator websites in the world of the fashion industry, this was actually the portal that was responsible for bringing together potential clothing brands that could become global very soon. It connected clients and helped him to gain experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

According to him, if people are really looking at the world on a wider scale, they can certainly come up with a countless number of self-sufficient ways to advantage themselves financially, and if they still find no greater source of income, then they are not truly looking and they are not truly using their true potentials. One can obviously always estimate the number of advantages and disadvantages when they are entering a particular field of career, and they can choose what opportunities they have other than this.

Although Jonathan is working full time most of the time, whenever he is off on his work hours, he never stops. He has multiple projects to take up and multiple jobs to take care of even though he does not really need to do so since his full-time senior software engineering work pays him pretty well.

Beginning with only $20,000 to invest in trading, Jonathan Kvicky managed to turn this into a 1,000,000 profit in just a year, this boosted his confidence a lot and he started to have a lot of self-belief, ultimately making more advancements in his investment venture. Currently, he offers a lot of mentorship to rising entrepreneurs and millennials who aim to achieve a lot of things by following the path of multitasking. Make sure to follow him on his social media sites to know and learn more.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/jtk/?hl=en

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonkvix

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