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Read on to know how John Guaman broke all barriers to emerge as a huge success.

John Guaman (ascend 15)

When other guys his age were trying to figure out right their careers, John had made his first million and built an impressive online presence.

This young man has succeeded early in his career having made a million at 23. He is involved with an online trading & entrepreneur academy as a top affiliate at the moment have been able to generate millions of dollars in sales and created multiple seven figures. He is also involved in property investments along with creating his crypto portfolio. Having tasted success at an early age doesn't mean that the journey has been smooth as he had to face the gravest of challenges to reach this position. Let's hear it from the horse's mouth himself about his journey, hurdles that came on his way and his accomplishments as an entrepreneur.

What challenges have you faced in your journey to date? There's a huge list of challenges and setbacks I faced during my journey having lost relationships and friendships in a bid to achieve the stars. There were times when I was unable to arrange for two square meals and had to skip food for days at a time. Sleeping in my car or anywhere I could lay my head on as I didn't have enough to afford a hotel room. Entrepreneurship is a tough game and not for the faint-hearted, it's a game of patience and resilience and one has to keep going despite all odds to succeed in the end. The challenges will crop up at any given point in time, and you need to be prepared to face them with open arms.

What's a piece of advice you would like to give for budding entrepreneurs or those who want to make it as big in life as yours?

People need to give time for the process to show results. Those who rush into things might end up falling flat on their faces. Giving a few hours, days or months doesn't mean that you will succeed in your endeavours as sometimes it might take years to achieve the desired results. Entrepreneurial success takes time, and you need to hold your horses to strike gold. Castles are not made in a day and so are successful businesses. It might take a lot of time, but the end results are gratifying. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

My goals are to help more than 200 people and achieve a six-figure income. In another 5 to 10 years I want to make something worthwhile that would provide great value to the world. NLP and Tony Robbins are on my to-do list. I'm also in the process of establishing a charitable organization as I want to make a huge difference in people's lives with my work.

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