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Real Estate Mogul John Gafford Shares the Top Challenges He Faced, and How He Overcame Them

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It's fascinating to see how successful people overcome difficulties. Many see impassable walls as challenges to accept and obstacles to conquer, and mogul John Gafford is someone who scaled the obstacles he faced while achieving his goal.

John is one of the founders of “The Simply Group.” A corporation that fully unites large real estate brokerages through the mortgage, insurance, and title joint venture relationships.

Before entering the real estate industry, John Gafford was a successful entrepreneur who built and sold firms in the hotel, insurance, and technology sectors. As a contributor, speaker, and consultant, he is in high demand in the real estate, entrepreneur, and sales space.

John has always been good at predicting future trends. As an agent for the past 14 years, he has caught every wave, from hedge funds to luxury, and has always been able to predict trends. You can follow his work and become a part of his journey through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The Challenges John Gafford Faced

There are many ups and downs in life. You might think you've got it all figured out one day. Then, all of a sudden, you're hit with a curveball. In the same way, life took a drastic turn for John when he left RE/MAX. The broker he once called his partner kept $140k in outstanding commissions from John and informed all of his foreclosure bank clients that John was being fired for misusing funds.

The timing could not have been worse as John’s daughter was born only 1 week prior to this betrayal. It was a very difficult time in his life, but with a newborn baby at home, he knew he had push through. He was able to use his misfortune as a lesson on how to overcome obstacles. Now when faced with difficulties, he knows the key is to remain calm and keep moving forward.

His second biggest challenge was when John joined a single-family home flipping fund. His partner fled the state with a million dollars 18 months later, leaving him to clean up the mess, due money, and lawsuits. He paid everyone off and settled everything.

What Advice Does He Have for All Young Minds?

John is a big supporter of modern stoicism. He has numerous copies of Ryan Holiday's book The Obstacle Is the Way, which he frequently gives away at his desk. This book greatly aided him in managing his emotions when he needed it most.

He always says that "in real estate, focus on the relationship, not the deal." Because, as a newcomer to the industry, you want to get every last penny out of every deal. He always prioritizes his relationship with his clients, which makes him the best at his job.

His journey is inspirational and a lesson for all young minds who want a career in real estate. John Gafford's never-quit attitude and creative mind play a massive role in making him a better version of himself each day.

His brand is unique in so many ways simply because of his creative mind and ability to predict market shifts. Even when his competitors were at stake, he managed to move forward with all the challenges and misfortunes in his life.

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