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Instant Female Arousal Pills: 5 Best Libido Enhancers and Orgasm Creams For Women

5 Best Femal Arousal (norcal 2)

Women may lose the ability to enjoy sex for a wide range of reasons. Low libido is a problem affecting around 1 in 10 women, and unfortunately, many of these ladies give up hope of ever experiencing sexual arousal again.

If you struggle with low sexual arousal or hypoactive sexual desire disorder, you may be able to benefit from an instant arousal pill or cream. These natural solutions can increase female libido and aid your overall sexual health, bringing enjoyment back to the bedroom.

You can find dozens of female arousal products on the market. However, not all of these pills and creams are effective, and some may even be unsafe for use. To help you determine the right female arousal product for your needs, we have compiled a list of the top five best female libido enhancers on the market today.

Top 5 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills and Creams of 2021

Vigorelle: Best Instant Arousal Gel

Provesta: Best Female Libdio Enhancer

HerSolution Gel: Best Orgasm Gel

HerSolution Pills: Best For Improved Sexual Sensation

Scream Cream: Best Prescription Cream

#1) Vigorelle – Best Instant Arousal Gel

Vigorelle is the best gel for instant arousal. Having low sexual desire can make it challenging to experience a healthy sex life and can even impact your mental health. Vigorelle is an instant arousal gel that amplifies sexual desire in women, making it easier to become aroused before sex.

Using Vigorelle can produce a wide range of benefits for your sexual health. Some of its most prominent effects include:

Heightened arousal and sexual desire

Relief from vaginal dryness

Fast effects

More fulfilling sex life

Vigorelle is a smooth, silky arousal body cream that does not produce the sticky feeling you would experience with traditional lube. Instead, the cream creates a cool tingling sensation that promotes your body's natural lubrication and heightens arousal on contact.

One of the cream's most prominent ingredients is l-arginine, an element that restores blood flow to the vaginal region and helps you relax. Another effective ingredient in the formula is Ginkgo Biloba, which also increases blood flow and acts as a natural sexual stimulant.

To use this cream, apply a small amount to the mucus membrane beneath the clitoris. Then, rub the cream in to aid absorption.

Vigorelle cream contains the following natural ingredients:

L-Arginine HCl

Ginkgo Biloba

Wild yam

Damiana leaf

Suma root

Peppermint leaf

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Hyaluronic acid

Aloe vera gel

This cream has an edible, non-toxic, pleasant flavor. Additionally, the formula is condom-compatible, easy to wash off, and pH balanced.

Vigorelle offers a 67-day money-back guarantee to help you feel confident in your purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason during this time, you can send it back for a full refund, minus shipping charges.

Overall, Vigorelle is an effective solution for women struggling with low sexual desire.

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#2) Provestra – Best Female Libido Enhancer

Provestra is the best female libido enhancer. You may experience low libido due to a variety of reasons: menopause, stress, trauma, hormonal imbalances, or numerous other causes. Provestra is a libido enhancer that targets several factors involved in low libido, providing a well-rounded solution suitable for many women.

Provestra is a female libido enhancement supplement that contains natural ingredients to aid female libido. Taking Provestra can produce benefits such as:

Relief from vaginal dryness

Increased sexual desire

More alertness

Better cognitive function

Improved sleep quality

The formula primarily helps libido by balancing and regulating your hormone production. Provestra's ingredients specifically stimulate three key hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Going through menopause causes these hormone levels to decline, which often leads to decreased sexual arousal. However, taking Provestra is an effective way to naturally balance your sex hormone levels, leading to more sexual desire and improved sexual satisfaction.

One of the supplement's primary ingredients is red raspberry extract. Women have used red raspberry for hundreds of years to strengthen the female reproductive system. This ingredient may also alleviate cramping and hot flashes during menopause, as well as balance estrogen.

Provestra's formula contains the following natural ingredients:



Ginkgo Biloba

Red raspberry

Licorice root

Ginger root


Damiana leaf

Black cohosh root

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

B-complex vitamins

Folic acid


Calcium carbonate



Each of these ingredients plays a role in balancing female sex hormones and enhancing libido. To see the best results, you should plan to take one tablet per day. Many women experience increased libido after only seven days of taking Provestra, but you should plan to take the supplement continually for at least thirty days.

If you're looking for a holistic approach to low libido, you will appreciate Provestra's multi-action solution to your overall sexual health.

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#3) HerSolution Gel – Best Orgasm Gel

Hersolution gel is the best female orgasm gel. Inability to orgasm is a struggle that millions of women face during sexual intercourse. If you want to increase your orgasm intensity or frequency, HerSolution Gel is an effective solution to consider.

HerSolution Gel is an instant arousal cream that can intensify your erotic sensations, increasing your overall sexual desire and orgasm intensity. This gel also relieves vaginal dryness, jumpstarting your natural lubrication.

Using HerSolution Gel can produce benefits such as:

Heightened sensitivity to pleasurable touch

More intense orgasms

Improved natural lubrication

Faster full-body arousal

Improved sexual appetite

This arousal gel contains l-arginine, an amino acid that can relax your blood vessels and increase blood flow to the sexual organs. The product also includes a blend of potent, natural botanical essences that work together to create an exciting sexual experience.

HerSolution's active ingredients begin working almost immediately after you apply the gel to your clitoral region. The gel will start rushing blood to your vagina and clitoris, boosting your sexual sensations and pleasure. Better yet, using HerSolution will produce more powerful, intense orgasms, making sex more enjoyable overall.

HerSolution Gel uses only natural ingredients. The product's complete formula contains:


Natural botanical essences

Olive squalane oil

Aloe vera extract

Carbopol Ultrez polymer

Shea butter

Purified water


Citric acid

Cocoa butter

Dipropylene glycol

Menthol USP

HerSolution offers a money-back guarantee on all of its arousal products. If you are not satisfied with your product during your first 60 days of use, you can send any unused cream back to the warehouse for a full refund.

If you're having trouble orgasming during sexual intercourse, HerSolution Gel could give you the boost you need to experience life-changing climaxes.

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#4) HerSolution Pills – Best For Improved Sexual Sensation

Hersolution pills are the best supplements for overall improved sexual sensation. Having low libido or unsatisfactory sexual sensation is often a physical problem, not a mental one. HerSolution pills are natural female sex pills that increase sexual sensation from the inside out.

This libido supplement is 100% natural and contains a blend of vitamins, nutrients, and extracts that target your libido internally. Taking HerSolution can produce benefits such as:

More intense sexual sensations in the genital regions

Faster full-body arousal

Increased female sexual desire

More vaginal lubrication

These benefits boost your sexual pleasure overall, leading to an enjoyable, well-rounded sex life.

The HerSolution creators designed this supplement to help your body recover from hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficits that could be contributing to your sexual dysfunction. One of the supplement's most effective ingredients is hops, an extract that balances your estrogen production and helps relieve vaginal dryness.

HerSolution also contains niacin, a B vitamin that increases blood flow to the genital region and improves sexual sensations. This ingredient helps you become aroused more easily and improves your pleasurable sensations before and during sex.

HerSolution's complete formula of ingredients includes:


Hops extract


Ginkgo Biloba

Tribulus Terrestris


Epimedium sagittatum (horny goat weed)

Mucuna pruriens

Cayenne pepper

Along with improving your sexual sensations, HerSolution can benefit your health in other ways. For example, taking this supplement can lead to hormonal balances that produce more regular periods, reduced hot flashes, fewer mood swings, and more energy overall.

HerSolution is 100% doctor-approved and has no known side effects. You can feel confident that taking HerSolution will be safe and beneficial for your sexual health.

If you're looking to experience increased sexual sensation, taking HerSolution capsules could be the perfect solution for your needs.

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#5) Scream Cream – Best Prescription Cream

Sexual dysfunction is a real sexual disorder that affects thousands of women. If you are experiencing severe female sexual dysfunction, a prescription cream like Scream Cream could be an effective solution.

Scream Cream, also known as Screamer Gel, is a prescription medication that enhances the female sexual experience. Applying this cream externally to the female genitalia produces localized sensations in the surrounding tissues without entering the bloodstream.

This medical cream can produce the following benefits for your sex life:

Improve blood flow to the targeted areas

Increase satisfaction with sex

Improve genital sensitivity

Increase chances of achieving orgasms

Scream Cream produces these benefits through effective, active compounds that absorb into the skin after topical application. The product's formula contains ingredients that relax your muscles, an important step of preparing for sex and stimulating libido.

Scream Cream also contains three ingredients that promote vasodilation, or the widening of the blood vessels. These ingredients improve blood flow to the genitals and lower your blood pressure, speeding up your arousal.

Finally, Scream Cream contains an ingredient that works as a bronchodilator, or a drug that widens the bronchi and relaxes the muscles in the lungs. Sexual excitement is a possible side effect of bronchodilators.

Scream Cream's formula includes the following clinical ingredients:

Theophylline anhydrous

Sildenafil citrate

Phentolamine mesylate



Scream Cream is a prescription medication, meaning you cannot purchase it as easily as the other female arousal pills on our list. However, you can complete a brief Digital Doctor visit through the Scream Cream website. If the doctor finds Scream Cream medically appropriate for your needs, he or she will prescribe it to you without necessitating an in-person visit.

Scream Cream is an effective option to consider if you need a prescription treatment for low libido or sexual dysfunction.

How Do Female Arousal Pills and Creams Work?

The pills and creams on our list boost female libido in several different ways.

Some of these products boost your sex drive by improving blood flow to the genitals, making it easier for you to become aroused and stay aroused during sex. These supplements act as vasodilators, widening your blood vessels and relieving high blood pressure—two necessary components of arousal.

Other arousal pills target female sex hormones to regulate sex drive internally. Going through menopause or experiencing hormonal imbalances from other sources can produce vaginal dryness, decrease orgasm intensity, and diminish sexual pleasure overall.

However, several of the female libido boosters on our list balance the female sex hormones, decreasing the menopause symptoms that may contribute to your sexual arousal. Taking these pills can also improve your mood and produce milder symptoms overall, helping you get through the worst days of menopause.

Finally, instant arousal creams often contain ingredients like menthol that produce cooling, tingling sensations. Applying these creams topically to the genital region can enhance stimulation and sexual sensations around the female sexual organs, improving libido and orgasm intensity.

Instant female arousal pills and creams are practical solutions to improve your sex drive, enhance libido, and boost sexual performance, all of which contribute to a happy, healthy sexual life.

How We Ranked the Top Female Enhancement Products

If you've done much research, you probably know that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of female libido boosters on the market today. These products have increased in popularity immensely over the past few years, and numerous companies have begun producing their own version of these popular pills and gels.

It can be challenging to discern which female libido enhancers are effective, safe, and reasonably priced and which could be a scam. As we searched for the best female libido supplements and creams, we reviewed the following factors in each product to determine its overall quality and effectiveness:


A product's ingredients are some of the most essential components contributing to its quality and safety. Each of the products on our list uses safe ingredients that produce minimal side effects. Additionally, each product lists the benefits of its ingredients on its website, so you can understand exactly how the product will affect you before trying it.


Safety is another essential factor to consider when reviewing the best female libido enhancers. Each of the products on our list produces no or minimal side effects for most women. Additionally, each products' website includes doctor-reviewed information about the product's formula, effectiveness, and safety, allowing you to feel confident that the product will be safe for you as well.


Instant female arousal products come in a range of prices, but a product's price does not always indicate its quality or effectiveness.

Each of the libido boosters on our list costs around $50 to $80 for a one-month supply, but you can receive a discounted price for purchasing more than one pack at a time. These products provide effective support for female arousal without breaking the bank.


Libido enhancers can make a wide range of claims about their effects and benefits. However, the best way to understand the effects you can expect from a product is to read reviews from real customers who have tried the pill or cream for themselves.

Most arousal products include customer reviews on their websites, but these reviews are often biased or not representative of the overall customer opinion. Therefore, we recommend taking these reviews with a grain of salt and looking for unbiased opinions on external websites instead.

Each of the products on our list has more positive reviews overall than negative ones.

Who Should Use A Female Libido Booster?

Any woman who wants to increase sexual desire, arousal, and sex drive can benefit from trying one of the products on our list. These products are safe and natural, and most users only experience benefits while using them.

Even women who are satisfied with their sex lives can use these products to boost their libido further, creating an even more intense, pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

Sex Enhancement Pills Vs. Arousal Creams – Which Is Better?

We featured both libido-enhancing pills and arousal creams on our list. These two types of products produce some overlapping benefits, but they affect female sexual arousal differently.

Libido-enhancing pills benefit your sex drive by targeting internal processes that affect your sexual health. These products often work to balance your hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals, both of which play a role in sex drive. Capsules typically take at least seven days to begin producing noticeable effects for your libido, but their benefits are often long-term.

Alternatively, arousal creams target the dermal side of sexual activity. These creams improve pleasurable sensations around your clitoris and vagina, increasing your libido, reducing vaginal dryness, and helping you enjoy sex more.

We recommend considering both of these types of products to determine the best female libido booster for your specific needs.

Are Over The Counter Female Arousal Pills Safe?

The over-the-counter libido pills on our list contain only natural, safe ingredients that do not produce any side effects. These pills consist primarily of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that you could find in the foods you eat every day.

Final Thoughts – Are Female Sex Pills Right For You?

Female arousal capsules and creams are becoming more and more popular as women learn the benefits these products can create for their sexual activity. If you're looking to spice up your sex life, combat low libido, or minimize symptoms of menopause, these products could be the perfect solution.

Try one of the sex enhancers on our list today to experience the life-changing benefits they produce in the bedroom.

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