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How Date Night's Innovative Approach Helped It Grow and Flourish Despite Pandemic

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As the pandemic spread, its effects altered every aspect of our lives as we tried to adjust to the new normal that it forced upon us. With the world focusing on the shuttering of stores and restricting travel, there was an element of modern life that evaporated overnight: dating. The concept of mingling and meeting new people halted abruptly as it was overwhelmed by the requirements of social distancing and isolation. Theatres, restaurants, cinemas, and bars, all of the quintessential date night destinations, suddenly became a no-go. As this chaos upended the dating world, DateNight, a popular online destination for date ideas across Canada, took an innovative approach and was able to flourish despite the pandemic.

As the nightlife industry began to crumble and single people and couples alike searched for ways to stay connected and grow their relationships, datenight offered a haven of inspiration, support, and advice. Rather than putting their dating and lifestyle content on hold while the world of socializing went dark, it provided people with ways to stay connected and navigate the new dating landscape. Datenight explored how to safely keep dating throughout the pandemic and despite its entire business model being built on an industry that was in danger of extinction, it grew and flourished. Datenight provided Canadians with comprehensive coverage of each city’s re-opening plan. As it shared advice on how to navigate dating life through the pandemic, it saw their traffic and followership grow. With a continued steady stream of content that has adapted to the new climate of the dating world, it’s becoming clear that datenight has created an important niche which it will be able to keep expanding on.

Datenight was founded in 2013 by Mandy Balak and co-founded by its CMO Joshua Seaton. Mandy was a student of Calgary University with first-hand experience of Canada’s nightlife. It helped her in finding new ways to experience and enjoy it. With a passionate belief that date nights could be more than just dinner and a movie, Mandy spread the word that dating is an adventure that can take you anywhere from Toronto to Calgary, and so it deserves to have an exhilarating backdrop.

The pandemic presented hurdles that were impossible to predict but by espousing an innovative approach, some enterprising businesses were able to grow and flourish nonetheless.

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