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We aim to consolidate all aspects of trading under one unified platform – Experts from HighStrike


Trading and investing are challenging to navigate for new entrants and even those who have been in the field for a long time. The unpredictability of it all increases the stakes, and most people find themselves making many near misses. According to experts at HighStrike, though it is a complex field to penetrate, it is not impossible.

HighStrike is a company founded on the principle of making trading and investing easy and accessible for all. The founders envisioned an ideal scenario where students learn about trading online, making it easy to access knowledge and information from anywhere. Launched in 2018, the company has experienced massive success in less than three years, from its growing student base to new products.

According to the founder and CEO, Ben Z, the team aims to craft trading and investing courses that are easy to learn and implement. Together with the rest of the team, Ben Z explains that with the proper knowledge and information, trading and investing will be a walk in the park. Four stock traders and investors founded HighStrike with a shared vision. Currently, Alex and Ben Z serve as course instructors, while Clayton is the Signals instructor. Their combined experience in stock trading and investing armed them with valuable skills that they share online. HighStrike, therefore, sells various online courses and subscriptions to students from all corners of the globe.

As part of their efforts to simplify and consolidate all aspects of trading and investing for users, HighStrike is launching an app in October. Their app will be the first platform that centralizes all aspects of trading from discussion to execution. This makes it easy for students to follow through the process from beginning to end. The app idea was inspired by a desire to bring trading information closer to their over 5,000 students.

The experts at HighStrike note that there is no shortage of information, but it is scattered all over, making it difficult for students to access this information in the correct order. Their app will give users easy access to this knowledge and all in one place. They aim to become a household platform that revolutionizes the public’s understanding of trading and investing. Ben Z explains that trading should not be a stumbling block for traders; it should be an opportunity to grow and excel.

Moreover, the team at HighStrike also wants to help traders make better and faster trading and investing decisions. Explaining their domination strategy, the HighStrike team notes that they are already ahead of the curve with the launch of their app. This is something their competitors have yet to catch up to.

Once they have achieved their goal of consolidating all aspects under one unified platform, the team looks forward to impacting more students and attracting millions more. Their efforts are also visible on social media, with their 300k+ Instagram followers. Considering what they have achieved in three years, the HighStrike is a team worth watching.

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