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Gabriel Barajas, owner of ‘Quieres TacosWay’ throws light on the key ingredients of running a restaurant.

Gabriel Barajas AKA Tacosway (ascend 27)

He has built his restaurant business from scratch and knows what it takes to make it a profitable proposition.

Gabriel has come a long way from selling hotdogs to owning his own restaurant. When he started initially there were many unanswered questions that he had to deal with himself. The start was not at all encouraging but he didn't lose hope and went ahead in finding solutions that worked well for him. He found out the important factors which affect the restaurant business and how to deal with them efficiently. From one restaurant he formed three more and has been successfully running them to date. He says that starting a restaurant business is simple but sustaining it for a long time requires adequate knowledge and proper planning.

Gabriel says, "owning a restaurant means running after a hundred jobs which are never-ending. You have to manage everything right from purchases, sales, inventory, accounting, customer service and much more. It's not as simple as it looks from a distance." As a restaurant owner, one needs to master the art of multitasking. But while the owners have to look after the entire operations there are a few important pointers that need more focus as they are crucial for running the business operations smoothly.

Staff management: A restaurant consists of staff working under one roof which is bound to create conflicts and difference of opinion, sometimes leading to serious issues. One needs to tackle them in the right way. Communicate clearly how you want your staff to behave during working hours. Handing out a manual that specifies details and descriptions of restaurant policies and code of conduct would help in smooth operations to a great extent.

Financial understanding: Hire an efficient accountant to handle the finances. Have a clear idea to whom you're paying before signing cheque books. If your staff does the purchasing, make sure they have a budget that they don't exceed and stick to it at all given points of time. Be alert in spotting issues and be swift enough to eradicate them before it blows up to something big.

Customer service: In a food and hospitality business taking utmost care of the customers is very important. Keep in touch with your customers through social media and keep them updated about the latest offers or promotions. Keep experimenting with your menu to draw in customers, both old and new. Remember one important point, Customer is the king, and you need to take proper care of each customer to operate your business smoothly without any glitches.

Gabriel has implemented these important pointers and today runs his food business smoothly.

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