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What To Learn From Philanthropist Folabi Clement Solanke

Folabi Clement Solanke  (ascend)

Folabi Clement Solanke is the epitome of the American dream. Born to immigrant parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, Solanke always prioritized the value of hard work that his parents instilled in him. With this supportive background and a destiny for incredible success, Solannke has achieved respect in the business world and unstoppable philanthropy work.

Solanke isn’t your everyday business person. This multi-talented millennial is an entrepreneur, actor, author, and philanthropist. At the young age of 29, Solanke is the true embodiment of a modern, 21st-century multi-hyphenate. Solanke was blessed with an incredible talent for networking combined with his tireless efforts to give back to the community.

His desire to give back to those in need began with a visit to his mom’s hometown in Nigeria. Witnessing the numerous people in need ignited a passion in Solanke. With his intense desire to do good for humanity, Solanke co-founded GENERATIONS Nigeria. This non-profit focuses on helping the people of Nigeria through donations and volunteer work. Solanke works with food banks, sports clubs, influencers, and other philanthropists to help supply young Nigerians with the most essential and basic supplies. Solanke’s work to empower the area has earned him massive success and notoriety to the citizens there.

Solanke has worked to help provide food and clothing for more than 1,000 people in Nigeria. His nonprofit, GENERATIONS Nigeria, even spearheaded the efforts to build a soccer field in that village. With their funding and tireless efforts, the children of the area have a brand-new soccer field, cleats, shinguards, and soccer balls to enjoy. In addition, Solanke has been diving into the healthcare field in his home state of Arizona. Investing time, energy, and funds in the healthcare industry impacts countless lives and is certainly a worthwhile effort.

For someone Solanke’s age, he has achieved much success and he inspires others to do better. He has been hustling since childhood, getting a job at 15 years old to contribute to his family, and working ever since. Among all the financial challenges and hurdles Solanke faced, he never gave up. This was one of the qualities that ultimately led him to where he is today. When it comes to sharing wisdom, he wants everyone to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from; the only thing that matters is what you want to do with your life and where you want to go. If Solanke had let his past circumstances dictate his future, he would have never achieved the entrepreneurial success he’s earned today.

When asked about the future, Solanke has solid plans to continue his efforts and make the world a better place. One of his plans is to start building schools in Nigeria through his nonprofit, GENERATIONS. Once he achieves this noble goal, he wants to expand on that momentum and continue bringing educational opportunities to children around the globe. Solanke also wants to be able to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to people all around the world. Solanke’s hard work and inspiring goals have no limit, and this is only the beginning of his journey.

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