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Family First Life Is Dominating Insurance Industry with Well-Suited Policies for Clients and Agents

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Life insurance is often regarded as a defensive game plan for the future. It is through an insurance policy that a person secures their future before they start making crazy money. However, the true perks of an insurance policy depend largely on the company. Only a reliable Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) will not have hidden costs and suggest the best policy that meets your requirements and suits your budget. Family First Life, or FFL, is one such IMO in the USA that has grown exponentially because of its personalized services and huge range of policies.

Family First Life was founded eight years ago with the sole intention of securing families with the best possible insurance terms that fit their affordability. True to its name, the company has always put its clients’ families and their agents first. It operates on a unique policy that prioritizes the interest of its agents and their clients before the company. FFL believes that if the clients are satisfied with the services and the agents are happy with the compensation, then the company will eventually scale up no matter what comes their way.

True to its vision, FFL is now on its way to become a billion-dollar company in the coming year. While its first milestone was issuing insurance worth $10 million in a month, FFL has grown to issue $10.6 million worth of insurance in a week. In 2020, the company issued $200 million. The reason behind this escalating growth is the unique agent-friendly policies that have set FFL apart from other big players in the market. While the minimum compensation of an agent starts at 40% for most IMOs in the insurance industry, for Family First Life, it is 100%. Unlike other IMOs, the company offers free training to all its agents, so they develop the potential to earn a minimum of $100,000 in their first year. To further ensure the job satisfaction of their agents, FFL has completely waived any contracts from their policies.

Family First Life entered into a partnership with Integrity Marketing Group in 2019. This alliance will further boost the company’s sales figure, which will, in turn, have a positive impact on the compensation of its agents. The company is now focused on streamlining its activities across the country. FFL already has more than 100 offices in the US and is planning to open 300 more by 2022.

The IMO that once started from scratch is now on its way to becoming one of the largest IMOs in the US. Initially, the journey was not easy as the company had to overcome competition from giant companies in the market. FFL had put every effort into being consistent in their support for their agents and ensuring every client gets personalized service. This principle has helped the company stand out from the competition. FFL still adheres strictly to its principles. It works with different carriers to offer policies that meet the client's requirements and suit their budget. Only a few IMOs in the space can offer such a wide range of insurance policies as FFL.

Family First Life is working hard to become a household name in life insurance. It has already had 12 agencies partner with Integrity Marketing Group and plans to add 40 more to the list by next year to accomplish this feat. The company will continue its legacy to prioritize its agents and clients in the coming years.

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