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Dr. Humberto Palladino Shares Insights on the Latest Trends

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When people think about MedTech, they don't usually consider cosmetic surgery in their deliberations, but the digital transformation of the tech sector is an ongoing affair. However, most MedTech companies are focused on massive companies and hospitals. Small and medium business owners who run private practices may think that the technology train has left them behind, but this concern isn't necessarily warranted. In many cases, private practitioners simply have to use their own impetus to bring their practice into the digital age. One of the best examples of this type of pioneer is Dr. Humberto Palladino.

Exploring the World

Dr. Humberto Palladino has spent many years in the field, training at the prestigious Texas Tech University for his general surgery residency and then on to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic for his residency in plastic surgery. He traveled the world, going to underdeveloped regions and using his expertise to help people with cleft lip through palate repair. Throughout his journeys, Dr. Palladino realized how much of a difference technology could make in patients' lives. When he settled in the US, he opened up a practice with his brother Dr. Gabriel Palladino, and the two set out to find a way to use technology to make the lives of their patients much more comfortable. Top Aesthetics is one of the premier concierge plastic surgery practices in the region, but it's not just due to the brothers' skill in surgery. Tech has a big part to play.

A Patient Management System Like No Other

Technology's advances have seen improvements in customer interaction and record management across all industries; customer relationship management software can help businesses deliver more value to their consumers. Dr. Palladino uses this as the basis for his own management software. The system is built on an AI backbone and allows for in-depth recording and analysis of patient details while ensuring that the doctor has all the information he needs at his fingertips. Follow-ups and patient records are just a query away. Thanks to this software's in-depth nature, he can provide a better, and more efficient end-care result for his patients, which they have come to expect from this concierge service.

The World of Apps

With most users having access to a smartphone, ignoring the use of an app for patient outreach could end badly for a company. Top Aesthetics is already working to put together a mobile application that will improve the patient experience. Dubbed "The MagicSurgeon App" and available in the App Store, Dr. Palladino believes it's what's been lacking in other practices around the region. He understands that it's an experimental push, but one he thinks his patients will appreciate. The revolutionary take on aesthetics and regenerative medicine may lead to a complete revamping of how professionals view the field.

Dr. Humberto Palladino believes he still has a lot to contribute to the field of plastic surgery. From what he's achieved so far, his estimation may be right. Time will tell whether or not his dream of a customer experience improvement app has a place in the plastic surgery industry.

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