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Meet DJ Scher: The Man Behind Many Top Viral Tweets

DJ Scher (ascend 7)

People often look up to entrepreneurs and other successful people and think of how they can get to be in the same spot. To many people, the drive for success, having your own business, and doing more than what you’re doing right now are closely associated. However, as we grow older and get caught up in the intense speed and practicalities of life, it can often become rather difficult to grasp these ideas and dreams we once had of becoming entrepreneurs, leading people to eventually settle for what life has to offer.

However, entrepreneur and visionary genius David Scher broke these barriers and decided that this life’s mediocre and average offerings didn’t cut it for him. And so, he began his entrepreneurial journey to become who he is today.

At the incredibly young age of just 21, David is the CEO of Scher Marketing. His marketing company helps brands and people rise to the top and into the spotlight because of the latest trends and by maximizing their audience reach. David also helps his clients develop incredible connections with some of the most powerful audiences in the world.

Mainly using Twitter, David is able to tap into a segment that many often overlook. David understands the potential and power of social media and how it can change how everyone rises to the top and becomes a trendsetter. With Scher Marketing, David has set out to help people just this.

After the company was founded in 2017, David’s sole aim has been to help his clients thrive and succeed in the ever-changing, omnichannel world. David can develop a personalized roadmap to success by leveraging his clients’ uniqueness.

Gaining mass popularity, incredible connections, and skyrocketing success in the advertising industry like David has are achievements on their own. Most people will be content and happy with this, however, not David. David has also started another company by the name of Luxsy, which caters to women’s clothing. Apart from that, David has developed a hair product company that aims and produces products for men and women. With these ventures, not only has David entered new revenue streams, but he has also been incredibly successful at it.

These ventures, along with David’s marketing business, prove that he is not just any entrepreneur. He is someone who started and made his way up to the top, and that he has the leadership qualities in him to see it through and predict the next course of action.

When it comes to thinking about the future or what plans David has, he has a firm idea, and he wants to continue growing his marketing agency. David believes that his company is destined for more success, and he plans on working with even more celebrities down the line. David wants to develop his brand to have the ultimate standing and become “the” marketing agency.

Some words of wisdom from David are that he believes that using your lesser-privileged starting point as an excuse is not good enough. David believes that everyone faces hardships in their own way, and the only thing that truly matters is that you put in the time and the effort.

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