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How Focusing on Freedom Helped Delos Chang Build the Life of His Dreams

Delos Chang (ascend 12)

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better”- Albert Camus

While we all want freedom, whether geographical, financial, or personal, only a few are willing to go that extra mile. With many societal rules to conform to, most people find themselves constantly working to achieve someone else's dream rather than their own.

Modern-day life is full of invisible expectations and obligations. With so many bills to pay, following your dreams is much more difficult as many prioritize careers simply to sustain their lives. However, Delos Chang defied all odds and chose to focus on building his freedom and, in turn, achieve the life of his dreams.

Born in Cupertino, California, Delos Chang is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, software engineer, and celebrated magician. From owning his first business at 19 years old to becoming a multimillionaire at age 25, Chang is a go-getter who knows no limits in achieving his dreams. Even so, freedom remains one of his highest values.

Inspired by the Ray Dalio quote “freedom is a cup with which to fill something,” Chang uses his freedom to achieve his dreams and grow other aspects of his life.

Speaking about why he chose his career path, Delas Chang notes that from a young age, it was always his dream to have both financial and geographical freedom. In his words, he wanted a career where he could work from anywhere and have complete control of his time.

As a software engineer, Chang is passionate about building. Combined with his desire for freedom, he continues to scale up the heights to success. Learning how to effectively invest is among the most valuable skills to achieve financial freedom, says Delos Chang.

Focusing on freedom helps tap into opportunities that you didn’t know existed. Getting to travel to different places has exposed Chang to different ways of life and has helped boost his creativity. He notes one of the joys of the digital nomad lifestyle is that every day you get to experience new things.

Fulfillment is loving what you do and understanding what you want out of life, says Chang. While some people may give you reasons why you should not follow your dream, Chang notes that as long as you are in love with what you do, that should never discourage you from pursuing your passion. Transitioning to a magician, Chang was overwhelmed by the mixed reactions from his friends and family. He notes even though some supported him, others failed to understand why he chose that career path. All in all, undiscouraged Chang followed his passion for magic and is now a renowned magician.

According to Chang, while choosing to focus on freedom is not all smooth, the result is rewarding. He notes that he has had to give up on different things that were hindering him from his goals in pursuit of freedom.

Freedom, as Delos Chang has illustrated, is a crucial part of your journey in life. Fighting and focusing on freedom can help you build the life you dream of and live life as it comes.

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