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Miami-Based COW-ORK Redefines the Concept of Collaborative Workspaces with a Creative New Approach

For those searching for coworking spaces in Miami, the options are diverse – and yet, there’s nothing that can quite compare to the innovative working environments offered by COW-ORK.

COW-ORK has already established itself as a one-of-a-kind collaborative workspace created for those who want more out of their everyday working environment as a brand-new arrival to the coworking scene. Their mission is to “disrupt the traditional coworking industry… creating a new way of working: the COW-ORKING – bringing bright, creative people together and letting their ideas “collide” outside of the office mentality and routine.”

Out with the Old (Office), In with the New

Every aspect of the COW-ORK collaborative model is a sharp contrast to the traditional office environment: instead of closed-off cubicles and stuffy, silent buildings, COW-ORK is centered around the cafe experience where creativity comes alive - by literally putting your office workspace inside some of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, and Coral Gables’ most vibrant hospitality venues. The workspaces created by COW-ORK excels at repurposing Miami area restaurants, cafes, and hotel’s vacant areas into functional working spaces with you, the creative-driven professional, in mind.

Because the program welcomes professionals, teams, and students from all fields, there are virtually no limits on the diversity of interactions that take place. Social interaction isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged to open the door for new learning and discovery levels.

But perhaps the most notable distinction of the COW-ORK model is that it strives to be the missing piece in Miami professionals’ working routine: a balanced, positive work environment where creativity and personal goals can reach their full potential. Work and leisure are held in equal value. Members gain the capacity to aim for an entirely new way of living by finding their personal balance of professional, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

In just a few sentences, COW-ORK’s founders sum up the principles that makes them stand apart from any other Miami coworking spaces: "If the routine is killing your creativity, here’s your fuel. If you’re at the edge of burnout, here’s your escape. If you want to reinvent yourself, here’s your chance."

Bringing Professional Collaboration to Miami’s Favorite Spaces and Beyond

Unlike the typical co-working concept, which is usually housed within a single, permanent space, COW-ORK takes an alternative approach by making smart use of previously unused spaces. Each day, members of the COW-ORK collective can set up shop in a different venue, choosing from various Miami restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, and more that have opened their doors during their slow working hours.

Members enjoy access to COW-ORK’s fiber-fast WiFi internet on-site at each venue, as well as sizeable discounts on the food, beverages, and amenities offered. Exclusive events are another perk of joining the COW-ORK community, creating yet another opportunity to meet new people, network, and get inspired.

One of the biggest benefits of COW-ORK’s untraditional set-up is that it maximizes affordability for members, partnering with Miami businesses to create a win-win situation for all involved. A monthly membership is just $89, making it easy to fit into a wide range of budgets. Accessibility for all was a key principle of COW-ORK’s founding concept and an important part of the brand’s present and future plans.

Eventually, the COW-ORK vision is to expand its efforts to include venue options in varying cities, states, and even countries. In the future, the founders hope to share their concept of coworking and collaboration with creatives and professionals around the globe.

Become a Founding Member of COW-ORK in Miami

After much anticipation from Miami students, professionals, and companies alike, COW-ORK officially launched this February. Membership is open to a broad range of individuals and teams alike, including Miami freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, students, and remote workers. Companies and agencies are also invited to consider COW-ORK as an option for their remote teams, particularly those in search of flexible, collaborative space to replace expensive office rentals or virtual platforms.

In February, COW-ORK will be hosting its members at several popular Miami venues and businesses, including:

Sardinia Ristorante (Miami Beach)
The Standard Hotel (Miami Beach)
Giache Crepes (Wynwood)
Crazy About You (Brickell)
Threefold Café (Coral Gables)
Bay13 Brewery (Coral Gables)
Sagrado Café (Downtown Miami)
Manna Life Food (Downtown Miami)

So far, the response has been outstanding, proving that it’s the collaborative coworking model that Miamians have been waiting for. COW-ORK is the versatile coworking space that’s transforming the lives of local professionals, creatives, and students alike, one unique venue and experience at a time.


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