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Women Empowerment In The Blogging World: How Chelsea Mimms Is Helping Women Become Their Most Authentic Selves

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In a society where being authentic becomes a worry, a small reminder of how you deserve to chase what makes you happy can change lives. Everyone, regardless of gender, can become the target of criticisms. However, women are more vulnerable to it. In fact, according to PR Newswire in 2016, half of all women worldwide gave up on their passions because of low self-esteem due to being told that they should be realistic.

Due to the fear of being criticized, women have hidden who they are and what they want. After going through the same situation herself, Chelsea Mimms, a social media influencer and content creator, now focuses on empowering women.

Chelsea discovered her passion for beauty and fashion when she was 18 and decided to start a YouTube channel discussing these topics. She had passion and dedication for what she was doing, but she lacked confidence in herself. As a result, her family and friends had no idea what she was up to for quite some time.

This is because Chelsea observed a stigma associated with being an online personality. Although she was happy about what she was doing, she was aware that some people would advise her to pursue a viable career instead. So rather than going through the heartache of being criticized for doing what she loves, she decided that hiding was the best option.

If she were to reveal the truth, she decided that it would be after she had a certain number of subscribers. Even after accomplishing this goal, she lacked the courage to show everyone her true self. Chelsea didn't come out of her shell until she realized that the only people she wants to keep in her life are those who will accept and support her.

Many people have been inspired by Chelsea's story to show the world who they truly are and what they are interested in. She made them realize that if you reveal your true colors to someone and they don't accept you for it, it only proves the depth of that relationship. Those who truly love you will not judge you for your dreams but encourage you to pursue them. It's critical to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to pursue your dreams and strive to be a better version of yourself.

On Chelsea’s Facebook and Instagram she shares content to empower women to become the most authentic version of themselves. She also talks about motherhood, what it is like, and the challenges that come with it. This way, she can remind other moms like her that they are not alone in their struggles.

It may not be as easy as it sounds to show everyone who you are. Chelsea knows firsthand that it will take a lot of courage, to be honest about yourself and deal with the possible consequences. However, once you get into it, you'll realize that nothing makes you happier than not pretending to be someone you're not. This is a reminder that there is nothing wrong with who you are, so you don't have to hide behind a mask.

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