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Business Mogul Nafez Husseini Shares The Story Behind Authority Media Group’s Massive Success

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Digital marketing has been on the rise, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, where most businesses have had to shift to online platforms. This has, in turn, made the industry more competitive. This has not stopped digital marketing experts like Nafez Husseini from cementing their spot in the industry.

Nafez Husseini is a self-made millionaire, successful digital marketer, and consultant. He is also the President and founder of Authority Media Group, a social media company specializing in digital marketing, consulting, and advertising. With over 25 million followers across all social media platforms, they manage partnerships with some of the largest social media players, and handle media buying for over 200 million followers. Authority Media Group is a leading social media company.

Growing up, just like most teens, Nafez loved social media. The more he continued to explore the platforms, the more his love blossomed. Combined with his passion for entrepreneurship, Nafez started using his influence and expertise to drive revenue for businesses using social media. By the age of 13, Nafez was an expert growing and managing millions of followers across his Instagram accounts.

With his marketing degree from the University of Alabama and the deep knowledge of technology he acquired while working at Apple, Nafez is now redefining digital marketing.

While most businesses were busy making a shift to the online market amidst a pandemic, Nafez identified a market gap. Driven by his passion for social media and entrepreneurship, he founded Authority Media Group, a company that not only helps you grow your audience but also generates revenue with the right strategy.

From a young age, Nafez has never been a person to give up on something simply because of limits. To him, boundaries are there to challenge his potential; therefore, he does not let them hold him back. Nafez has learned to create his own opportunities rather than waiting for someone to create them for him. This is what has helped Authority Media Group attain massive success in just one year of its start-up.

Good relationships with your clientele strengthen business bonds and grow your brand. The team at Authority Media Group is on a mission to ensure all their clients are satisfied by helping them turn their business into a success. By fostering long-term relationships with their clientele, Nafez notes some of their clients are actually referrals from previous clients.

Trends in digital marketing are ever-changing, and unless you keep up with these trends as a digital marketer, you might not be able to deliver the best value to your clients. Together with his team Nafez keeps up to speed with these changes so as to create effective marketing campaigns that will help scale up the heights of your brand.

Networking with other digital marketers has given him an insight into the industry. By analyzing what other digital marketers are doing, Nafez can filter out what will work and what will not. This also helps him come up with new and unique strategies.

Even as Authority Media Group continues to thrive, Nafez notes they are just getting started. Together with his team, they have made it their mission to help people, businesses, and brands grow their audiences and drive revenue. Speaking of future aspirations, Nafez Husseini is looking to automate his company and further expand his brand.

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