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Best Testosterone Booster Supplements: Top 5 Test Boost Reviews of 2021

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

Finding a legitimate brand that provides quality supplements is getting harder by the day. With all those false claims and non-transparency by some, you are sure to get skeptical about choosing an option.

So, what is the best natural testosterone booster to help you perform exceptionally, without any side effects? Let’s find out!

First and foremost – fret not, because we have done all the necessary research to bring you the most legit options out there. Each of these companies is highly transparent about their processes and keeps you fully aware of what you are consuming.

From a list of ingredients to benefits and side effects (if any), we have compiled an all-you-can-read review of the best testosterone booster that’s available in the market today!

So, let’s dive in. Shall we?

Top 3 Natural Testosterone Booster Pills

1. TestoPrime - Overall Strongest & Most Rated

2. TestoGen - Best for Building Muscle

3. TestoMax - Best Legal Alternative For Sustanon

Why Do You Need A Testosterone Booster?

Telling it like it is: men over 30 tend to #throwback to the times they could go for hours at the gym and for more than a couple of minutes in bed. This is then followed by a longing of an added boost of the super male hormone, testosterone, that encourages and discourages a number of processes in the body that keep you young, fit, and interested. (if you know what we mean!)

Low T levels also significantly slow down muscle development, which fails to accelerate despite rigorous workouts. As a result, fat accumulates in your body and you expose yourself to a range of different health conditions that are otherwise preventable with healthy weight management.

The best natural testosterone booster will, therefore, always help you come through (pun intended) in every sphere of life. It will increase your libido, enhance your physical performance, and boost your energy levels overall. Only within a few weeks of consuming an effective booster, in fact, you will notice a considerable amount of improvement in your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Overload of information?

Well, we’re sure that overdose has left your mind begging the question: how can one supplement fix so many problems? And while a question like that does raise one’s eyebrows over the authenticity of such supplements, we’re here with a complete review on the best testosterone booster supplements that are up for grabs!

Read on to have all the facts before making a call!

5 Best Testosterone Booster Reviews

Finding a supplement from hundreds of options on the internet is nothing less than looking for a needle in a haystack. This article has trimmed down the hay, allowing you to get what you want – almost immediately. (Come on, don’t tell us that the intro wasn’t something you enjoyed reading!)

Anyway, it’s now time to address the real meat – in this article and in your body.

Walkthrough the ingredients, features, and background of the top supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally that are available in the market:

#1. TestoPrime - Overall Strongest for High T-Levels

Brand Overview

If you are looking for the best testosterone levels booster that is suitable for almost everyone, look no further. TestoPrime is a 100% natural supplement that treats your testosterone deficiency through natural ingredients.

It is manufactured by a well-reputed brand in a GMP-certified facility using FDA-approved ingredients. This, coupled with the fact that their products have been regarded as being considerate towards customer needs, has led TestoPrime to build an established name for itself.

TestoPrime comes with a lifetime, money-back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with the product, return it, and you will get your money back, no unnecessary questions asked! Once you order the capsule, you will get it within a few days with the ‘fast shipment policy’ of TestoPrime.

Besides, the supplement is free of dairy, nuts, gluten, additives, soy, and dyes, so you can use it without a single health concern in your head! second thoughts. Additionally, it is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility using FDA-approved ingredients, so you can flush away all your doubts.


Helps clear your mind, allowing you to focus with ease

Boosts energy and stamina to perform physical exercises flawlessly

Improves sex drive and sexual performance

Enhances body metabolism that speeds up thermogenesis and aids weight loss

Comes with complimentary eBooks displaying workout routines and a healthy diet

Does not have any side effects


Only available on its official website


TestoPrime earns the reputation of being one of the best testosterone booster supplements out there, primarily due to the all-natural ingredients used in its composition. Are you still skeptical? Check out the 12 elements that this supplement comprises and know for yourself!

Green tea extract

Ashwagandha extract


Pomegranate extract

Panax Ginseng


Vitamin D

D-Aspartic acid

Vitamin B6

Garlic extract

Vitamin B5

Black pepper extract

=> Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of TestoPrime

How Does It Work?

Each of the ingredients present in this supplement act synergistically to provide multiple benefits. While ashwagandha extract and fenugreek work by aiding weight loss, Panax ginseng and pomegranate extract help invigorate your sex drive.

The green tea extract plays a significant role here by preventing a drop in testosterone levels. It blocks the breakdown of testosterone into harmful substances, thus, helping balance the T level in your body.

You already know the importance of vitamins lies in strengthening immune systems, metabolism, and several other body processes. However, it also plays a great role in improving testosterone levels. Plus, vitamins B5 and B6 further increase your energy levels.

This way, every ingredient present in TestoPrime works by either preventing testosterone reduction or promoting its production. Furthermore, this booster also helps users build muscle mass, have better focus, experience rejuvenated energy, and also enhance their sexual desires and performance.


As per the suggested dosage, you must take 4 TestoPrime capsules every day for visible results. Make sure to take them all together, about 15-20 minutes before breakfast. You can purchase one bottle of 120 pills that will work for a month. Alternatively, you can save massively if you are buying two or more bottles and get complimentary bottles as a package deal.


Contains twelve 100% natural ingredients

Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility

Uses FDA-approved ingredients

Free of soy, dairy, GMO, and grains

All its ingredients are clinically studied and safe

It comes with a money-back guarantee for a lifetime

Does not require a prescription

Customer Experience

According to customers, TestoPrime is an excellent supplement that shows visible improvement in energy levels within a few weeks. It also helps balance current testosterone levels in addition to stimulating the production of the said male hormone in the body.

=> Visit the Official Website of TestoPrime for the Best Discount

#2. TestoGen - Best for Building Muscle

Brand Overview

If you want to fight the lack of testosterone in your body, TestoGen is an excellent dietary supplement for testosterone boosting. The booster uses only natural ingredients to improve your energy, focus, muscle mass and aid in weight loss.

The supplement is produced in FDA-approved facilities in the US and UK, so you need not doubt its authenticity. Additionally, the brand offers free shipping around the world, given you order two items or more.

To top it all, you also get a money-back guarantee of 100 days if you purchase more than one bottle of this supplement. So, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can send an email across and receive a full refund! How great is that?

TestoGen is also transparent about its processes. The brand has all the ingredients displayed on its websites, so you know exactly what you are consuming even before you buy it to consume it!


Helps raise your energy levels and keep fatigue at bay

Improves strength and endurance needed for working out

Boosts muscle growth

Stimulates weight loss by improving body metabolism

Enhanced libido ensures better sex drive and performance

Rejuvenated mental and physical health


Not available on your local drug stores


TestoGen uses only natural ingredients that are backed by scientific studies for their safety and efficacy. Therefore, it is the best natural T-booster that helps rejuvenate your low testosterone level.

D-aspartic acid



Vitamin D3

Fenugreek extract

Vitamin B6

Nettle leaf extract

Korean red ginseng extract

Vitamin K1



Apart from these prime 11 ingredients, TestoGen also contains silica, maltodextrin, and Hypromellose (vegetable capsule).

=> Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of TestoGen

How Does It Work?

TestoGen works by stimulating the production of testosterone in your body, naturally. Furthermore, it helps free up testosterone and slows down the conversion of these male hormones into estrogen.

Here’s how that happens:

This booster’s D-aspartic acid increases the luteinizing hormones and testosterones within 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin K prevent your testosterone-forming Leydig cells from oxidative damage. As a result, these cells continue producing male hormones flawlessly.

As you grow older, more of your testosterones are bound by the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) – a protein that prevents male hormones from working naturally.

TestoGen’s natural ingredients free up your testosterone from SHBG, allowing you to feel more energized, physically as well as mentally. Additionally, it aids muscle growth, speeds up the fat-burning process, and improves your mood.

Did you know your testosterone converts into estrogen as you get older? TestoGen helps slow down this conversion, letting your T levels stay high despite your age.


TestoGen is easy to administer as you just have to take 4 capsules of the supplement each morning. Another option of consuming this is by opting for TestoGen drops to experience an energy kick on the go.

Continue working out regularly, and you will see visible improvement in your focus, energy, vitality, and mood, all within two weeks. Plus, you will also notice gains in muscle and overall strength within one month.


Free of fillers, caffeine, soy, GMO, gluten, dairy, and chemicals

Comprises 100% natural ingredients

TestoGen is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities of the US and the UK

All its ingredients are backed by clinical studies

Does not require a prescription for purchase

Free worldwide shipping for two or more items

Customer Experience

Men from over 135 countries around the world have tried TestoGen and experienced its benefits. Customers report a significant boost in their energy levels in daily chores as well as training. Others state improvement in libido and weight loss alongside better quality sleep!

=> Visit the Official Website of TestoGen for the Best Discount

#3. Testo-Max - Best Legal Alternative for Sustanon

Brand Overview

Another effective formula that boosts your testosterone levels naturally is found in Testo-Max. A product by CrazyBulk – a celebrated manufacturer of effective supplements – Testo-Max works when nothing else does!

One of the best natural T-boosters and number 3 on our list, this supplement helps you regain energy, build muscle mass, and increase strength. To further facilitate its customers in every possible way, the supplement comes with hassle-free and free-of-cost shipping.

To top it all, this booster comes with a guarantee of 100% money back. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with its results, you might as well return it and enjoy a full refund. Plus, it has some exciting deals that you can avail like getting complimentary supplies when you purchase three bottles or more.

CrazyBulk transparently displays all its ingredients on its official website so you can gain complete satisfaction before purchasing this supplement:


No severe side effects

Helps enhance physical and mental performance

Aids muscle growth, letting you build with ease

Increased strength for daily chores

Significantly high endurance rates while in bed and gym


Package deals are not very attractive

Only available online


Purity at its peak: only the finest testosterone-boosting ingredients come together to transform into an all-natural-supplement. This formula is free from added preservatives, dyes, flavors, and any chemicals.

Check out this list of natural ingredients to learn about what will actually go into your system:

D-Aspartic acid

Vitamin D3



Vitamin B6

Nettle leaf extract

Korean red ginseng extract

Vitamin K1

Fenugreek extract



=> Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Testo-Max

How Does It Work?

As you age, your strength and vitality tend to reduce – this consequently causes the body’s testosterone levels to also drop. Testo-Max helps you regain that lost energy, muscle mass, and sex drive by enhancing your testosterone levels. Each of its ingredients has one or more ways of either balancing or allowing the natural production of male hormones in your body.

You need an ample amount of vitamin D to ensure balanced testosterone. Irrespective of a healthy diet, your body may be in a deficit of this vital nutrient, leading to low T levels. Testo-Max contains vitamin D along with B6 and K1 that further enhance testosterone production and reduce fatigue.


You need to take 4 capsules of Testo-Max every morning to see positive changes in your daily activities. Depending upon your body, the supplement will start showing minor improvements from 3-4 weeks. You will see the best results only with regular administration for up to 2 months.


Testo-Max uses a scientifically researched formula

All of its ingredients are 100% natural and safe for use

Manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility

Offers a satisfaction guarantee of 100% refund

Free shipping worldwide

Customer Experience

Testo-Max's users talk about the significant boost in their energy levels and muscle growth within a month's time. Another customer reports how he not only regained his lost strength but also felt more focused and mentally alert.

=> Visit the Official Website of Testo-Max for the Best Discount

#4. Prime Male - Best For Men Over 40

Brand Overview

Tasks such as muscle-building that seemed easier earlier tend to get challenging as you grow older. The decreasing level of testosterone makes it difficult for you to give your best at work and even in bed. Well, Prime Male has got your back with this.

It is a testosterone booster supplement that uses 100% natural ingredients to help rejuvenate your testosterone levels. Each of its elements has scientific studies backing its efficacy.

So, if you face challenges losing weight, building muscle mass, or even concentrating on work, Prime Male is the solution. It is one of the top 5 testosterone supplements rated highly by users.

What’s more? The brand offers worldwide shipping with secure payment methods. So, you can order your monthly supplements without any problem.


Enhances overall energy level and stamina

Clears brain fog and helps focus

Eases weight loss and muscle building

Helps improve overall mood

Discount on orders above two bottles

No harmful side effects

Seven-day full refund guarantee (for unopened bottles)


Only available online

Might take at least one month or more for results


Prime Male uses 12 ingredients that work by boosting the production of testosterone levels in your body through natural processes. Have a quick peek at the ingredients before going ahead with how it actually works.

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate


Vitamin D3

Korean red ginseng

Macuna pruriens extract

Vitamin k2


Nettle root extract


Vitamin B6



=> Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Prime Male

How Does It Work?

From enhanced cognitive functions to boosted energy and muscle strength, Prime Male helps improve your overall well being faster! Its ingredients are carefully decided to provide all-round benefits by addressing three of the biggest testosterone production problems.

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate—a primary amino acid in Prime Male helps boost the luteinizing hormone (LH). This further increases your T levels by producing testosterone in the testes. Additionally, zinc too aids the production of LH, further enhancing your T levels.

Another essential function stimulated by Prime Male is decreasing the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) from your bloodstream. SHBG binds the testosterone in your body, making them completely inactive. Prime Male consists of magnesium and nettle root that helps release the bound testosterone, allowing them to be used by your body.

Your testosterone levels may also reduce due to high estrogen and prolactin levels. These are female hormones, which may lead to lower testosterone levels if present in high quantities. Boron, luteolin, and mucuna pruriens help curb the presence of these hormones in the male body.

Besides, Prime Male also aids fat-burning, sexual performance, clears up brain fog, and lifts your spirits.


The recommended dosage of Prime Male is 4 capsules a day. However, you must not take all of them at once. Try taking one pill with every meal or a glass of juice at intervals of 3-4 hours. One bottle of the supplement contains 120 capsules, so it should easily work for a month.


Uses twelve 100% natural ingredients

Helps increase testosterone levels by stimulating natural production in the body

Ideal for men aged 30 years or older

Requires you to take 4 pills per day

Offers worldwide shipping with secure payment methods

Customer Experience

Customers report a significant increase in testosterone levels. With regular consumption of Prime Male, men have seen a boost in their performance at the gym as well as in bed. Another user states a rapid growth in energy and libido levels, all without any side effects. Users love Prime Male for being more than other injections and gels that have severe side effects.

=> Visit the Official Website of Prime Male for the Best Discount

#5. TestRx - Best For Libido

Brand Overview

Despite a highly nutritious diet and rigorous workout, you may go through a loss of testosterone levels after some point in time. If you wish to notice a substantial rise in your testosterone levels, TestRx is an excellent supplement. It is rated as a top supplement by users for getting visible results within 4-5 weeks.

The brand itself is one of the most popular ones in the industry and has released several other products as well. Plus, it offers a hassle-free 67-day return. So, if you do not like the product, you can go ahead and send it back after 60 days to receive a full refund.

Therefore, rest assured that this is a trustworthy brand used by hundreds of other users. Additionally, the website follows 100% secure payment procedures and has its customer team ready to respond 24/7.


Helps lean muscle growth without the use of chemicals

Improves bedroom performance

Significantly boosts stamina within a few weeks

Complete results in 4-8 weeks

Does not have any side effects


No discount on bulk orders


Apart from 7 entirely natural ingredients, the product uses ZMA—a combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. This compound significantly helps boost testosterone levels and stimulates protein synthesis required for muscle growth. Have a look at the other naturally occurring ingredients used in this supplement.

Fenugreek seed extract

Vitamin K2

D-aspartic acid


Vitamin D3


Vitamin B6

=> Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of TestRx

How Does It Work?

If you do not get quality sleep, your muscle cells will not revive. Resultantly, you will not witness muscle growth. TestRx contains high-quality ZMA that lets you get the right amount of quality sleep required for muscle development.

Besides, if you are a training enthusiast, you will often face zinc deficiencies in your body. Consequently, you will notice a significant decline in your exercise performance. TestRx solves this problem by providing the adequate amount of zinc in your body, which then ensures a range of good performances.

Besides building muscles, TestRx also reduces the formation of a hormone called cortisol, responsible for breaking down muscle tissue. Furthermore, it helps bring back your sexual drive and also enhances your overall energy.


TestRx is easy to administer. You just need to take two capsules in the morning before breakfast and two before dinner at night.


Includes an effective blend of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6

Manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility

Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee

Comprises only natural ingredients

Works for men over the age of 35 years

Does not require a prescription

Customer Experience

Customers who administered TestRx pills report to have started experiencing visible energy improvement within the first week itself. Another user states a boost in his sex drive and performance. Yet another customer states muscle gain of 3-4 pounds of muscle tissue and reduction in body fat.

=> Visit the Official Website of TestRx for the Best Discount

Buyer’s Guide For Best Natural Testosterone Booster

That was an impressive list of the 5 best natural testosterone booster supplements, wasn’t it? Each of these products is highly rated by users, which is why we bring you detailed information on them. Are you still confused about which is the best one from the mentioned boosters?

Well, here is an informational guide to help clear all your testosterone supplement-related doubts.

Does A Natural Testosterone Booster Really Work?

Natural T-boosters do not raise your T levels all of a sudden. If you see any brand making such claims, know that it is a scam. Legit supplements composed of natural ingredients that boost your T levels organically, which takes time. So, yes, they do work, but rather slowly.

Each of these drugs has a unique combination of various ingredients that instill the process of natural testosterone production in your body. While D-aspartic acid boosts hormone growth in your body (including testosterone), vitamin B6 ensures you do not face a testosterone deficiency.

Besides, you need an ample amount of both vitamin D and vitamin K to ensure steady testosterone levels in your body. That is because their deficiency may reduce the levels of testosterone. Furthermore, items like fenugreek and red ginseng significantly enhance your sexual performance. That is apart from adding to testosterone production.

Other ingredients like nettle leaf and magnesium help release testosterone from the sex hormone-binding globulin that deactivates your current testosterone.

All in all, natural testosterone boosting supplements show significant results due to their pure composition. They contain the right blend of ingredients that work synergistically to improve your T levels.

What are the Benefits of Natural Testosterone Boosters?

You have heard a lot about how T-boosters work naturally, but you still cannot make up your mind. Are you still skeptical about spending your dollars on the best natural testosterone booster? Well, you will not be once you go through these fantastic benefits of a natural testosterone booster.

Muscle Mass Development

You may not be able to identify health setbacks, owing to low testosterone levels, but your body can. Boosters help increase the level of the male hormone in your body. As a result, you can quickly gain and build muscle mass with a rigorous workout. Moreover, this improvement also makes you stronger so you can reach your body goals effortlessly.

Aids Weight Loss

Believe it or not, but low T levels make losing weight relatively challenging. As a result, it gets difficult to maintain the physique you had in your younger years. Balanced or high testosterone levels let you shed off the extra pounds with greater ease. Additionally, you can work better at the gym, which further aids weight loss.

Improves Sexual Performance

Some individuals may lack interest in sexual activities, while others may perform poorly in bed. All of this is due to decreased testosterone levels. One of the prime benefits of high testosterone is improved sexual functionality and drive. Therefore, taking these boosters can help you get back in the field and perform as excellently as before (or even more).

Enhances Overall Mood

The right balance of testosterone in your body will keep you happy and satisfied, day in and day out. High T levels induce feelings of happiness and let you exercise easily. In turn, your body releases mood-enhancing chemicals like dopamine that keep your mood light and fresh.

Boosts Energy Levels

One of the first benefits that you will notice after consuming testosterone boosters is high energy levels. In fact, users report this improvement within 1-2 weeks of consuming natural boosters. That is because the natural ingredients in testosterone supplements help you regain your stamina and boost your energy levels.

Side Effects of Natural Testosterone Boosters

No drug can have only positives and no negatives, except natural products, and testosterone boosters contain only natural ingredients. However, these ingredients might also have a few minor side effects depending upon their suitability with your body.

Besides, these drugs are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, so rest assured that they will not harm you. Still, a few minor side effects may be:


Oily skin

Hair loss

Mood disturbance

Increased red blood cells

Who Are Natural Testosterone Boosters For?

Testosterone boosters are natural products and, thus, safe for anyone to use. However, there are still a few cases where you should not take these testosterone supplements.

In case you are 18 years or younger

If you are on a severe medicinal course

In case your testosterone levels are already high

If you face any other medical conditions (consult with a doctor before taking these)

Now that you are clear about who should not take these pills, check this outline of conditions wherein you must take testosterone boosters.

Reduced Muscle Mass

Do you think your muscle mass is reducing significantly? Perhaps, you don't see the gains despite a highly nutritious diet and regular workouts. If you have any such indications, chances are you have low testosterone levels. In such a case, opting for a natural T-booster is your best bet.

Fat Accumulation or Difficulty in Weight Loss

Another sign of reduced testosterone level is fat accumulation. In case you are facing challenges shedding those extra pounds, you must instantly start taking testosterone boosters. These boosters help regain the lost energy and improve T levels that aid weight loss.

Reduced Libido Levels

Do you face problems like erection dysfunction (ED)? Are you experiencing a lack of sex drive? Low testosterone levels can considerably lower your libido levels, which can further cause stress and anxiety.

Poor Sexual Performance

If you cannot perform well in bed or sustain an erection for long enough, you might have low testosterone levels.

FAQs About Testosterone Booster Supplements

Q. Is it safe to consume a natural testosterone booster?

Natural testosterone boosters contain only natural ingredients instead of chemicals (that show instant results but are harmful). These ingredients include amino acids like D-aspartic acid, vitamins D3, B6, and K1, and multiple natural extracts.

As far as you are not allergic to any specific ingredient, the natural T-booster is completely safe for you. Therefore, you must thoroughly check the product composition before starting your course.

If you have a severe health condition or are taking some medication, you must consult your doctor before consuming these pills.

Q. How long does it take to see the results from a testosterone booster?

Most natural testosterone boosters claim to start showing effects within a week’s time. However, these are primary improvements in the form of boosted energy levels and enhanced mood. You will begin to see more significant results only after around two months of regularly using these pills.

That being said, improvements in libido and sexual drive usually take anywhere between 3-6 months. However, it is well worth the wait since these boosters are all-natural, unlike chemical shots.

Q. Is a natural testosterone booster useful for women?

Doctors do not usually recommend testosterone boosters for women as high T levels may have some severe side effects. These include unwanted hair growth, enlarged clitoris, etc.

That being said, there are some rare cases where consuming natural testosterone boosters may be beneficial for women. If you have reduced sex drive, suffer depression or fatigue after menopause, and estrogen therapy does not help, testosterone boosters can help.

Q. How can I raise my testosterone levels naturally?

Each T-booster has a distinct composition of natural ingredients. Therefore, you cannot follow the exact dosage for every supplement. The best way to administer these drugs is by following the dosage instructions mentioned on the package or the official website.

That being said, the best natural T-booster brands recommend 4 capsules per day. Though most of these pills come with dosage directions of 4 tabs in the morning, some can be taken at intervals.

In Conclusion - Which Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement Should You Prefer?

That was some detailed information on natural testosterone boosters, wasn't it? But it is indeed necessary to have all your doubts cleared before you opt for a supplement. From its composition to effects and cost to customer reviews, you have to consider multiple aspects thoroughly.

Besides, you cannot just opt for a supplement that has perhaps helped your friend. That is because you may have different requirements and allergic reactions. The best way is to compare the aforementioned best natural testosterone booster options and pick the one that meets your needs precisely. Like we did and found TestoPrime and TestoGen to be the top two best natural T-boosters.

Now that you have everything you need to know, grab the most suitable testosterone booster and watch incredible results!

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