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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online: 5 Best Seed Banks That Ship To USA [2021]

Best Seed Banks 2021 (blue ribbon 6)

Countries in the world where marijuana laws are less strict all have seed banks. The UK, Spain, and the Netherlands, for instance, provide a variety of seeds from various breeders all over the world. In this review, we will help you decide where to buy marijuana seeds online, discussing top-grade online seed banks out there.

In the US, through medical marijuana programs or adult-use legalization of the product, you can purchase marijuana seeds online or through a dispensary in your state . Just make sure you know the marijuana laws of your state as states such as Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, and many others have laws that work against the usage of marijuana and other related products.

However, before you make that decision, there are a few things you might want to consider. These are:

1. The strain you want to grow: Thanks to innovation and technology, companies have been growing various strains, and some brands even have their hybrid strains you might want to try!

2. Your breeder of interest: Because some seed banks outsource seeds from many different breeders and growers, you might like the product of a specific breeder you want to stick to.

3. Research before purchase: You can find an online journal containing details of growing processes from various breeders, including grower's notes and photographic evidence of the final product for your perusal.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

To answer all your questions, we have created a list of the top 5 seed banks that will deliver what you want and are 100% legit seed banks.

Some suppliers sell low-quality products that go through extensive processing that robs the product of its organic attributes. Others take too long to deliver, risking freshness, while the remaining have unfriendly, cluttered websites that will just leave you just confused overall.

Finding a supplier that will produce and ensure fresh, organic products with guaranteed delivery is hard to find despite the claims you encounter. These brands operate much like physical stores working to deliver quality to customers, while making the overall experience interactive and fun.

Keeping all these possibilities and combinations in mind, we have put together a buying guide to help you not only get your hands on the hottest brands in town but also enjoy your experience while you are at it!

The detailed reviews will give you an insight into who is doing what and what brand will check most of your boxes.

Now, without further ado, let's get started!

5 Best Seed Banks For Cannabis Seeds:

1. ILGM - Best Overall Seeds for Sale

2. Marijuana Seeds NL - Best Canadian Seed Bank

3. Ministry of Cannabis - Best in Feminized and Auto flowering Seeds

4. Seedsman - Best for Specialized Strains

5. Cannabis Seeds Store - Best Discreet Delivery

#1. I Love Growing Marijuana - Best Overall Seeds for Sale

Brand Overview

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has discounts so good you will be spoiled! And not just their deals; they have variety and categories so diverse you will want to try them all.

An industry player that has expanded in the market for the past 25 years, ILGM offers quality marijuana seeds and varieties to choose from, such as:

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Beginners Seeds

Medical Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Mixed packs

You will also be pampered with tips and tricks to grow your seeds. For instance, how indoor seeds versus outdoor seeds must be treated, gain a maximum yield, and so on are available on their website. Additionally, you can also find grow kits to help you get started on your growing process smoothly.

All seeds by ILGM come with a 100% germination guarantee, and their seeds are also all authentic strains. You can peruse their online blog, where growers from all over the world can discuss their experiences. You can also benefit from the free growing of marijuana offered by the brand, compiled as tips in their Grow Bible against your email address.

If you live in the US, you can enjoy free and quick order delivery by the brand. ILGM also delivers seed banks to Australia for $25. And, these are the only two countries where the company ships seed bank orders.

You can expect your weed seeds to be safe and secure since the brand ships weed seeds in discreet packaging. Due to cloudy marijuana laws in several states throughout the US, discreet packaging helps brands deliver to customers.

The company offers guaranteed delivery of weed seeds under their stealth shipping option. This special delivery option of cannabis seeds acts as insurance for the customer. The brand delivers your package even if it gets lost or confiscated without you having to pay any extra charges.

You will enjoy your shopping experience with ILGM browsing through their user-friendly website, looking through several different strains that offer enjoyable experiences to growers from all over the world.

If you are a regular customer - or plan to be one - you can sign up for their cannabis seed Loyalty Program. The website also runs several offers currently featuring "Buy 10, get ten free" and the "Mother's Day Sale".

Paying with Bitcoin will further drop 10% off your total bill. You can also choose other payment methods such as bank transfers, Bill Pay, credit/debit cards, and cash payments according to your convenience. The company will also give you your money back in case of dissatisfaction.

Its multifaceted efforts at all ends and excellent customer service support easily make ILGM stand out in the face of competition. They make sure to put their customers first by providing prompt, high-quality services equipping them with the right tools and seeds to help their overall experience.

Pros of ILGM

Frequent deals and promotions on the website

A well-known company deemed as one of the best online seed banks

Customers will get their money back in case of dissatisfaction

Discreet packaging

Free shipping to the US

High-quality strains

Growing guides, tips, and customer support available for users

The payment can be done in various ways

Germination guarantee

Ranked as #1 best seed bank to buy cannabis seeds

Cons of ILGM

Cannabis seed Delivery is free only in the US

Not available in states where marijuana is illegal

Good variety of products, however, lesser than that of competitors

Customer Reviews

Their Cannabis Seed User reviews have positively rated customer service support, quick shipping, and the quality of the product. ILGM provides growing hacks and forms for their audience to mingle and share their opinions and experiences.

It is rated as one of the top cannabis seed banks providing various strains and amazing discounts and deals.


ILGM is for anyone who likes growing marijuana of premium quality with a germination guarantee and quick delivery services. They provide excellent customer care and free shipping within the US.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of ILGM

#2. Marijuana Seeds NL - Best Canadian Seed Bank

Brand Overview

Do you love sales, offers, and quick delivery? If yes, Marijuana Seeds NL is the brand for you! Of course, we need not mention the high-quality seeds produced by the brand because that is a given.

Based in the UK, MSNL delivers its quality products all over the world. So, don't worry about being on the other side of the world because MSNL has got your seeds. Your orders will be delivered within three days in the UK while delivery to the rest of Europe takes 4-7 days. As mentioned by the brand on their website, international delivery timelines are up to 25 days, but generally, 6-12 days do the trick!

MSNL has three different shipping options with differing charges as below:

Standard shipping 5.95 pounds

Stealth shipping 10.95 pounds

Guaranteed stealth shipping 16.95 pounds

These rates are pretty consistent everywhere in the world. Guaranteed stealth shipping means that the company will ensure you receive your order no matter what.

MSNL carries a wide selection of seeds rich in quality. That might not be too surprising given that the brand has been in business since 1999. Also, according to some online reviews, if germinated properly, the seeds have a 90% germination guarantee. However, this is not something that the brand guarantees.

MSNL has a collection of auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds suitable for growing indoors or outdoors. You can view all their collections category-wise on their website. The brand also throws in free seeds with every order.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, directly taking you to what you are looking for. In case of confusion, you may also search for your desired product in the search bar. You can also contact their customer service support system for help with anything at all.

All strains have details mentioned below it. You can find information on the strain, such as its ideal growing conditions, physical characteristics, customer reviews, and much more that help you understand the anatomy of the seeds as a grower.

MSNL also has an array of payment options. Like most brands, it accepts bitcoin payments due to its very nature of being untraceable to the user. This method of payment also gives you a 15% discount regardless of the deals on your seeds.

You can additionally pay using your credit or debit cards, through direct bank transfers, cash by mail, or by issuing a money order.

MSNL is very prompt with replying to its customers. They have an FAQ page with lots of details on it for growers all around the world.

Additionally, you can also reach out to them using their contact form on the website. Lastly, you can send a direct email or get in touch with the company on their UK hotline during their 9 AM to 5 PM GMT business hours.

Pros of Marijuana Seeds NL

Delivers orders worldwide

High-quality and a large variety of strains

Offers its users a great shopping experience through the website

Provides product information with every product

Multiple payment methods

Frequent offers and sales on the website

Offers guaranteed stealth delivery

Reputable standing in the industry

Great customer support service

Free seeds with every order

Excellent customer service

Cons of Marijuana Seeds NL

Delivery is charged

Variety is not as much as that of some competitors

No germination guarantee

Customer Reviews

Users of MSNL have a lot of positive things to say about the brand. From the free seeds to the excellent customer service, everything seems to be on point.

One issue that customers face, however, is that delivery sometimes takes too long. However, most customers seem satisfied overall because of the quality of the seeds and the selection by the brand that tips the scales in the brand's favor.


Given its brand reputation and tenure in the market, it is no surprise that Marijuana Seeds NL has come so far to build itself as a trustworthy, respectable brand.

Apart from slightly longer shipping times, most users have approved the brand as authentic and reliable.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MSNL

#3. Ministry of Cannabis - Best in Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds

Brand Overview

Who doesn’t love favorable conditions for growing marijuana and enjoy their cannabis seeds? This question is probably precisely what the founders over at the Ministry of Cannabis (MoC) asked when they started their seed bank in Barcelona, the heart of Spain.

The Ministry of Cannabis stands tall with the mission to perfect its seeds through genetics, which are reflected in its selection of strains. The weather in Spain provides optimal conditions for the company to end up with high-quality seeds sought-after by growers and breeders of the world.

MoC grows its seeds to ace its genetic engineering process. They stick to selected breeds that are high in quality and provide customers with satisfactory results. They have a range of about twenty or so strains split between auto-flowering seeds, mixed-seed packets, and feminized seeds.

The brand plans on slowly adding more variety to its collection over some time. Currently, they are expanded over three countries in terms of the production of their seeds.

MoC is known for its crazy sale days and discounts for customers to encourage shopping and trying out their products. The company ensures consistency in seed quality every time, given how much time they spend on perfecting their batches and finished products. It is all about quantity over quality, right?

However, MoC is the kind of brand where you pick what works for you and stick to it rather than experiment with their line of products like ILGM or MSNL. Customers can expect consistent seed germination results and a steady yield when they shop with MoC.

Some of the brand's famous strains are:

Northern Lights Feminized

Bug Bud XXL Feminized

Cannabis Light Feminized

White Widow Feminized

CBD Star Feminized

Shoppers and repeat customers who love buying marijuana seeds from the Ministry of Cannabis will experience a rather simple, effortless website design to get to the products they want easily. We can sum up one of the pros as a neater, hassle-free online shopping experience. Each product page holds extensive information, not just of the product but also reviews from customers sharing their experiences.

The website also carries an email address that provides round-the-clock customer support. The brand is pretty prompt in solving customers' problems and enhancing their experience with the brand.

We all love offers and discounts, and MOC understands that very well. MoC's social media handles, therefore, often host giveaways for their customers. While the brand might not have many deals on their website, they try to engage the audience in a fun way with the brand by handing out freebies.

The brand also hands out free seeds with every order placed. Customers can also benefit from worldwide shipping offered by the brand while buying cannabis seeds. MoC provides discreet packaging of all orders to keep the parcel safe from being stopped at customs. The brand also provides stealth shipping to ensure customers get their orders!

The Ministry of Cannabis customer service team is friendly and welcoming to all queries and questions. The company has representatives in three countries, including Spain, shortening the response time to answer customers looking for assistance.

MoC accepts payments via credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, cash mailed to the company (at the address provided), or a money gram option. Shipping is also free on orders above € 75.

Pros of Ministry of Cannabis

Consistent quality and yield of seeds produced by the company with high THC content

Several categories of weed seeds available

The company believes in polishing its genetic process before introducing new strains

Excellent customer service

Straightforward, easy to use website

The company has production facilities in three countries

Delivery is possible worldwide

Discreet packaging

Cons of Ministry of Cannabis

The variety of weed seeds is limited

Order delivery usually takes time

Free shipping has a minimum order requirement

Customer Reviews

Weed Reviewers worldwide have commended the quick delivery service of their orders and discreet packaging that support its stealth shipping option. The brand chooses stealth shipping regardless of order placement to deliver their customers value and satisfaction.

The company dispatches all its orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Bitcoin is a recommended mode of payment, given its ability to protect your identity and maintain anonymity.


The Ministry of Cannabis has quickly become a trusted online source for customers to buy their cannabis seeds. Customers are happy with their consistent quality of seeds , excellent yield results and germination rate every time they place an order with the company.

They offer a limited seed selection but with a good germination rate as the company feels it is important to focus on improving the genetic process for now. However, the Ministry of Cannabis has plans to introduce new strains to offer more variety to their customers.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Ministry of Cannabis

#4. Seedsman - Best for Specialized Strains

Brand Overview

Seedsman is a UK-based weed seed bank with an experience of over 15 years in the industry. Seedsman is a weed seed bank that not only cultivates its high CBD strains but also outsources seeds from breeders internationally. Understandably, this expands the portfolio of seeds available to their customers. It is safe to say that Seedsman is the Google of high CBD cannabis seeds when it comes to variety.

Seedsman pools in seeds and expertise from various sources to provide its audience with quality high CBD seeds through and through. After all, diverse genes translate to much more immune products that can fight off pest diseases; if you can't find a particular seed in the market, just Seedsman it!

The company uses up a portion of its profits to pour into efforts to legalize marijuana everywhere. Seedsman participates in various awareness trade shows to increase the recognition of marijuana's positive effects.

Seedsman sells seeds from many breeders around the world and maintains an inventory of their products as well. You can check out their entire brand list of collaborations on their website.

Some popular brands they have collaborated with are:

Sensi Seeds

Serious Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Cali Connection

DNA Genetics

Although all seeds grown and outsourced are top quality, seed standards differ from brand to brand. Because each brand follows its own set of guidelines, you will experience a variation as you switch brands. But that in no way means that you will receive dud seeds or anything else of that sort.

You can reach out to the brand 24/7 using their helpdesk option for prompt responses from their representatives. Seedsman also maintains an FAQ webpage with common questions asked by customers to help you find a solution to your problem. You can expect assistance on nearly any issue, including shipping information, order status, promotions, policies, and anything else.

The only drawback here is that the point behind Seedsman selling their products is preserving the seeds or offering them as adult souvenirs, so the customer care representative may not help you with queries on germination rate or cultivation.

Seedman's website is much like a directory holding a vast amount of information and customer feedback on all their products. You can look through their catalog by characteristics, breeder, type, price, cultivation, and so much more.

Seedsman regularly updates the sale section on their website to separately list the items on sale or running on specific offers. You can also save up on bulk orders proportionate to the size of your order. For instance, you can save 5% on orders above € 150, 10% on a total bill of more than € 250, and so on.

Seedsman also offers a loyalty program for its customers to get points deposited to your account with every order. Simply sign up on our website to get started.

Seedsman uses stealth shipping to ensure complete order delivery to customers. The brand offers worldwide delivery, but the shipping charges depend on the size, weight, and final destination of the order.

Orders are delivered in discreet packaging, which is up to the brand's discretion. Also, you do not have to worry about getting into trouble in case of package interception since packages only carry your name and address without any company symbol or logo.

Seedsman also offers a return policy against a full refund in case of dissatisfaction with the product. Apart from seeds, Seedsman also sells merchandise, books, vapors, and clothing. All of the mentioned items are eligible for refunds within 90 days of order receipt. The item, however, must be new, unused, and in original packaging.

You can pay using Bitcoin, cash, credit and debit cards, iDeal, card payment over a call, and postal orders. Bitcoin allows you to enjoy extra seeds with your order as well as 25% off on your order.

Pros of Seedsman

A variety of seeds for the customers to choose from

High-quality cannabis seeds

Discreet packaging

Enjoy various promotions

Pay using multiple methods

Avail discounts on bulk orders

Good customer service

Sleek website

A lot of accessories available

Loyalty program for customers

Cons of Seedsman

No germination guarantee offered by the brand

Deliveries are charged

Customer Reviews

Users have reviewed the customer service of the brand positively. The brand keeps in touch every step of the way till the order is received, and customers are very satisfied with this feature.

People also enjoy the free seeds with orders the company gives out.

However, some people seem to have had issues with receiving their parcels on time.


Seedsman is for people who prioritize variety when it comes to marijuana seeds. We recommend going through the Seedsman Seed Bank website thoroughly if any other suppliers do not carry your seeds of choice!

You can benefit from great deals on seeds and freshness of the product on their website. The company offers great prices gone rogue due to sales, promotions, and variety.

However, if you are looking for consistent quality and results each time, we recommend ILGM and MSNL.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Seedsman

#5. Cannabis Seeds Store - Best Discreet Delivery

Brand Overview

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store provides premium seeds, high-quality products, discreet packaging, and outstanding customer services, all under one roof. The company was founded in 2012 and offered great prices for their marijuana seeds to those looking to make a purchase.

The company has a wide variety - quite literally thousands - of strains supplied by breeders abroad. Their strains are concentrated in CBD and THC to give you the effects you are seeking. The varieties they offer are regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and feminized seeds.

Vault offers free seeds with every order you place. Apart from this, the website hosts several offers and discounts on its homepage so you can head to these money-savers right away! The company has one of the largest strain collections, so you can be sure that the Vault carries everyone's products of interest.

Guaranteed and stealth deliveries are features that assure you will receive your product despite the possibility of being interrupted at customs, something all brands have in common. To counter this, the brand also ships packages discreetly, something the customers reportedly are fans of.

To top it off, people living in the UK can enjoy free shipment of their orders. You can also opt for their return option within 30 days. However, this would require that the parcel remain unopened and in the exact condition as it was shipped in.

Now, for the best part, The Vault reportedly has the best customer service support system out of all its competitors. If anything, this is the most distinguishing factor of the brand, according to a majority of reviewers.

The website is highly informational and carries a lot of tips and tricks for cannabis seed users. It has articles on cooking with marijuana, and the homepage highlights the most important aspects of the brand and its products.

You can pay for your order through many options such as Bitcoin, credit/debit card payments, money orders, direct cash, and bank transfers.

Pros of Cannabis Seeds Store

A variety of seeds

Free shipping across the UK

Multiple payment methods

High-quality strains

Offers various deals and promotions for customers

Guaranteed shipping offered

Free premium seeds with order

Excellent customer service support

Cons of Cannabis Seeds Store

No germination guarantee by the brand

Deliveries are charged except for in the UK

Customer Reviews

Customers are satisfied with the quality of the seeds by the brand as well as their quick services. The Cannabis Seeds Store has also won over customers by how it discreetly packages its parcels, maintaining user privacy.

People are also talking about the brand's customer service mentioning the prompt responsiveness and willingness to help. Freebies are also a famous topic among those writing reviews after using the brand!


The Cannabis Seeds Store always puts its customers first. The company has stood out in the face of competition due to prompt problem solving and quick customer responses.

The brand is all about various offers and guarantees on the website while providing high-quality cannabis seeds to its customers.

Our recommendation would still be either ILGM for its excellent brand image and efforts to deliver on its promise.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: Get Your Hands On The Best!

Choosing where to buy your cannabis seeds can be taxing, given the number of options available online. However, considering a few of the steps below can help you sift down your options.

Be aware of state laws

Ensure that before you place an order for your marijuana seeds, you find out if they are allowed in your state. Technically, the laws guard the germination process, so your seeds should be safe regardless of the laws. If you are looking to germinate these seeds, you must be sure that marijuana seeds are legal in your state.

Customer Service

Customer service can either make or break the deal for you. Imagine being stuck with duds only to have the brand completely shut you out or not refund your payment.

Germination Guarantee

Once again, being stuck with duds for seeds can be frustrating. Sometimes, the return process can also be draining and time-consuming. To save yourself time and hassle, go for companies that guarantee germination, such as ILGM and MSNL.

Shipping Guarantee

Stealth shipping and guaranteed shipping are crucial to consider when picking a seed bank. When companies provide shipping guarantees, they take up the responsibility to deliver your parcel to you in case of loss or interruption during the shipment.

FAQs About Cannabis Seeds Bank

Q. What are the best marijuana seeds to buy?

Your definition of the "best seeds" might be different from that of another person. Picking out the best seeds for yourself depends on your budget, your level of experience growing seeds, and time spent on making them grow.

Often brands provide mixed seed packs for beginners to get acquainted with the process slowly with supplementary forums/blogs on their website. This guidance helps a person choose what works best for him/her and how they should go forward.

Q. Where can I buy cannabis seeds safely?

Many cannabis seed suppliers present online that offer their seeds locally, regionally, and internationally. The recommended brands in the review are chosen after analyzing their performance overall, starting at the quality of the seeds to post-delivery customer care.

Make sure you read customer reviews and gauge their standing in the industry before you make a decision.

Q. What is the difference between regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds?

Regular seeds contain a pack of males and females, both in them. This seed type has not been inbred. Once the seeds start growing, you'll need to remove the male seeds due to reducing the risk of mating with the females producing seeded flowers.

Feminized seeds are in a form such that they are ready to be grown and just need to be put into the soil to see the formation of buds. Once the plant starts growing, you can discard the males. This reduction will reduce the risk of a male pollinating a large number of females.

Auto-flower seeds change naturally from being vegetable plants to being flower plants. They can be harvested in a short period of 2.5-3 months. These seeds are not very potent; hence they serve the right purpose for people who don't want to spend a lot of time growing their seeds.

In Conclusion - Which Cannabis Seeds Bank Should You Choose?

Online seed banks have taken the internet by storm. There are dozens of seed banks apart from the ones mentioned in this article that you can check out while carrying out your research. However, according to customer reviews and overall market performance, the top five brands have been reviewed here.

We recommend either ILGM or MSNL as they provide an excellent all-rounded value, genuine quality, and an excellent shopping customer experience, and much more!

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