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Authenticity is the Best Brand Perception You Can Create - Shane Hall

Shane Hall (venture369 #9)

With big names such as WWE's Bobby Lashley and the internationally renowned archer, Allen Bolen on his client list, Shane Hall has hit one milestone after another in his pursuit of professional excellence, financial freedom, and a life-driven by purpose. For each of his clients, Hall creates an authentic, person-based brand image to help them win more sponsors and supporters.

This strategy has allowed him to lead budding entrepreneurs to the top of their career ladders, giving them command over a vast set of aggressive assets without debt. To Hall, it all lies in the foundation of authenticity. Why is an authentic image so important to him? Hall believes that there is no better way of being perceived in the business world than as being true and genuine.

Why is Authenticity So Important to Him?

The world has become more and more inauthentic with the rise of the digital age, where individuals’ online lives and their reality are divorced from one another. However, authenticity can still find its way through the sea of deceptive, perfectly-curated images, and it is easy to tell the difference. This distinct authenticity is exactly what Hall uses as the foundation of his efforts when creating brand images for his clients.

Through his focus on the contrast created by rare authenticity against the backdrop of an inauthentic world, he wishes to make his clients more well-known, and thus help them to become more open to new opportunities. So far, his strategy has served him, and his clients well, and it is easy to understand the philosophy behind it all.

How Does He Project His Authenticity?

On his own end, Hall has used his social media presence to boost his outreach to potential clients and anyone else interested in his business. His real-life images power his digital media presence, and he cultivates authenticity by engaging clients in a natural and relatable manner, thus allowing him to better guide them through what he has to offer.

An explanation of his principles and philosophy through his social media interactions is sure to instill faith into the minds of his potential clients. The fact that Hall has managed to maintain his consistent business growth pattern, even amidst the economic turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic, is enough to reinforce anyone's belief in the power of authenticity.

Authentic Person-Based Brands in an Inauthentic World

Meteoric success doesn’t happen overnight, people have to work for them, and hard. To Shane Hall, the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur manager and marketer is to help his clients create an original, person-based brand identity in an inauthentic world.

Only by placing such an image at the forefront does he believe one can inspire confidence and trust in others. By cultivating the image of the authentic person, Shane helps entrepreneurs get the most out of their social media presence, landing them bigger investment opportunities, sponsorships, scholarships, and so on.

Shane Hall’s work provides an excellent example that it does indeed pay to project an honest image of oneself in the business world.

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