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One of the Top Insurance Agents, Andrew Taylor, Shares His Secrets to Success

Andrew Taylor (ascend 43)

Gaining entry into the insurance industry can be one of the most challenging tasks to achieve. Hard work, resilience, and commitment must be part of your core values for success to come your way.

Andrew Taylor is one of the most experienced people in the world of insurance. He has spent his last twelve years in the industry selling policies and transforming lives. Andrew is the founder and owner of Family First Life USA (FFL USA) and a prestigious Integrity Marketing Group managing partner.

His warm-hearted personality and ability to remain humble with such success is what others want to emulate. Many people placed in his circumstances are likely to get carried away by the success. What’s more inspiring is the journey that led to his current success in the insurance industry.

Like many college students, Andrew found himself in the hustling world to earn extra coin. He was working as a grocery bagger in one of the biggest supermarkets. With not much responsibility on his shoulders, Andrew was somehow comfortable with his job.

Reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” gave him a whole perception of life. It opened his eyes to realizing the importance of a passive income. A close friend from high school introduced him to the insurance industry and it was the beginning of a new era.

Life was not easy as a newbie in the industry; he had to persevere while learning from the best. He often went beyond his comfort zone to impress others. This distracted him from his goals, making it harder for him to succeed. Andrew soon realized that people were taking him for a ride. They took advantage of his kindness and only wanted him to stay mediocre.

He quickly changed his goals, circle of friends, and influences. He needed to grow up, mature, and consider the business point of view. Things started working out, and he was now able to earn a decent wage. This was, however, not enough, and there was still a long way to go.

In 2014, Andrew entered into a partnership with Family First Life (FFL) as an agent. Working with FFL unlocked his hidden potential. They offered better compensation, leads, and regular free training sessions that proved to be key to driving his success.

His hard work, commitment, and resilience paid off within his first year at Family First Life. Andrew clocked sales of over $500,000, making him the top agent in the entire industry. After several years of success, he decided to start his insurance company, Family First Life USA (FFL USA). His main motive was to grow his business and help others achieve success in the industry.

Through his leadership, Family First Life USA (FFL USA) has grown to be the largest independently owned IMO in the United States. His biggest secret to success is creating an enabling environment where agents feel appreciated for their work. For instance, there are no joining fees, CRM fees, or monthly fees at FFL USA. Additionally, agents are provided with potential leads, which are clients who have requested help from the company.

Andrew considers FFL USA to be the market disruptors; they do exactly the opposite of what the rest do. And this is precisely why they are growing so fast. According to Andrew, agents will stay and work harder provided you pay them their worth and treat them right. His company practices the golden rule: to treat others how you want to be treated.

You can connect with Andrew Taylor on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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