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How Alexandra Squire Followed Her True Calling to Artistic Success

Alexandra Squire (ascend 34)

True success is all about working towards meaningful goals. We all have dreams, and sometimes they are shattered by real-world struggles. Only those who chase them with passion can turn their dreams into reality. It is of course not an easy path and is never meant to be, but the journey is a lesson that changes the person to the core.

The renowned abstract painter and contemporary artist Alexandra Squire is a living example of this courage. Being a mother of three children, she dared to quit her well-paying job as an on-air journalist to follow her passion. It was not easy for her initially. She was anxious about venturing into an unknown field without being certain of making it big in the art world. It was her love for art that kept her going. Her zeal to follow her calling and relentless hard work finally paid off. Today, she is the founder of Alexandra Squire Fine Art, an abstract art brand loved by art connoisseurs from across the world.

Her art has a unique concept that goes against the tide in the art world. While most painters earn recognition in the space for being exclusive, Alexandra Squire loves to be inclusive. She makes sure her art connects with people straight away so they can apply their own meanings to it. People can relate to it just by a glance. Her art is rich, in-depth, and open to interpretation by all. It can have different meanings to different people and that's where her caliber as an artist lies.

Alexandra Squire spends hours conceptualizing her artworks. Every message she portrays through her artwork is a well-thought-of concept that she planned and finally executed. Her art is never unintentional or a product of a whim. She devotes quality time to figure out ways in which she can present the concept that will have a meaning to anyone who sees it. This has set her apart from the competition in the art world, making her brand unique in its own way.

Being a self-taught artist, Alexandra Squire had to go through an intensive process of trial and error that shaped her perspective towards art. With no guide to help her ace the techniques of certain types of painting, Alexandra Squire discovered her own style in the process. Resin painting is considered one of the most challenging art forms to create. It includes multiple alternate layers of resin, each of which might take days to dry up. Alexandra then sands down each layer and adds another coat. A resin painting takes approximately 6 weeks to be complete and the quantity of resin determines the visual appeal of the image. Alexandra Squire mastered it all by herself, let alone the technique of shipping such a delicate art safely.

Going forward, Alexandra Squire aspires to preserve her concept of fine art and making it more available to people across the world. She wants her brand to reach the living room of every home in the coming years.

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