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Ajit Nawalkha Shares the Secret Sauce for Choosing Your Next Career

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Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder and CEO of Evercoach by Mindvalley, a company on a mission to positively impact a billion lives. Evercoach is a cutting-edge digital learning platform that brings the best tools, strategies, and systems to build a thriving coaching and training practice. Ajit is also a renowned author of the informative books Live Big, The Business Book of Coaching, and The Book of Coaching that have impacted millions of lives across the world. He shares vast understanding and knowledge for various sectors including, sales and marketing, business growth and training, optimizing systems, and building & scaling teams.

Ajit's career revolves around positively impacting people's lives by guiding them to make the right career decisions. He works with select companies that share the same objectives as him and those who believe in creating a positive change while building wealth and having a fulfilled life. The former CEO of Mindvalley has been the catalyst behind the success of many companies helping them scale to over 50 million. His philosophy has always been to invest in the best talent streams, focusing on being people-centered. It may sound cliché, but Ajit believes it is essential for success in any field because profits will always come anyway.

An experienced life coach, Ajit points out that making career decisions has always been a major concern for his audience. If you thought you were the only one, well, that's not true. Many people are in a dilemma trying to identify what path to specialize in or focus on. Even though you may have grown up with a dream career in mind, the chances are that you will discover other alternatives that you may also want to consider.

So, what's the ideal way to pick a career? This is one of the many questions that Ajit comes across, informing his decision to share the secret sauce for choosing your next career. To him, a career is a commitment you make, and you have to be ready to abide by its demands. Before choosing your next career, Ajit advises learning and identifying yourself and the goals you want to achieve. Most people in this post pandemic era are opting for careers to provide more fulfillment. He finds it wise to first identify your interests, values, and strongholds that contribute to your overall personality. To Ajit, self-assessment will help you uncover your abilities and aspirations, essential for a fruitful career path.

With a good understanding of yourself, Ajit believes now is the time to explore your list of preferred career paths. The objective is to single out the career that matches your personality and life goals. To Ajit, an ideal career path must be appealing both to your personality and life goals. He finds it more fulfilling to wake up every morning to attend to what you love than just doing any kind of job.

Ajit also values the importance of doing a thorough background check on the particular field of interest as the next thing. He says that it's good to also look at the industry's viability, as well as if it is in alignment with your personal interests and your own Dharma or purpose. You can do this by engaging experts in the field while still counter-checking facts for accurate findings. He believes that no one wants to end up in a stale industry that may limit their overall potential.

More significantly, Ajit’s advice is to draft a career strategy or action plan to guide you. To him, every career path has its challenges, especially in the beginning, and you need to be ready to face and overcome the obstacles to success.

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