Closer Look: TIKL in Brickell

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It's a weekday lunch, and nearly every table is filled with suits from nearby office towers. There's a stark contrast between the no-nonsense, hurried faces of the business crowd and those of the restaurant's gregarious waitstaff, who dart around the room with small plates and filtered water while constantly checking on their tables. Near the open kitchen is a scent of the things to come. Grilled hamachi collars, a cut of fish culled from right behind the gills, smells rich with its trademark pungency. Thai curried mussels offer whiffs of coconut milk and spice, while grilling bacon bread delivers hints of the breakfast that everyone wishes they had eaten. This is the latest project from the team behind Altamare: chef Simon Stojanovic and restaurateur Claudio Giordano. It sits on the ground floor of 1450 Brickell Ave. Read the full review on TIKL.