Closer Look: The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami Beach

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Of all the bartenders on South Beach, Angelo Vieira is by far the most serious. It's a Friday night, and he's sloshing and rattling steel shakers filled with gin, lemon juice, crème de violet, and maraschino liqueur. To prepare a drink, he wields jiggers, strainers, bar spoons, and funny-shaped ice cubes. He's fast. He's unsmiling.

And he's wearing a tux.

Three ladies sashay into the Regent Cocktail Club. "What's the best drink here?" asks one, sounding a bit like she has Instagram on the mind. Vieira pours his yellow-tinged potion into a vintage glass and responds, "Our menu changes every day."

In any other bar, he would seem curt. But not here. The Regent is among the best cocktail lounges in Miami. It's helmed by professional mixologists who've spent decades behind the bar. This is not where you come to be seen. This is where you come to listen to jazz, sip old-fashioneds, and get drunk on a bygone feel.

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