Closer Look: Gabose in Lauderhill

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Daejl Tofujigae - Pork and tofu homemade vegetable spicy soup
The beef tongue arrives raw and slivered, its flesh marbled with strips of fat. You cook it on a wire grate over charcoal, which burns crimson in a pit on your table. In seconds, the meat turns from pink and slick to charred and shriveled. "It's too hot," exclaims the waitress at Gabose in Lauderhill. But this unruly fire enhances the beef's flavor. It's delicious — rich, toasted, smoky, and fragrant with a salt-and-pepper-infused sesame oil. Gabose is among the few Korean restaurants in South Florida that allow guests to cook with charcoal indoors. Other spots, such as Sushi Cafe & Shilla Korean Restaurant in Miami, supply customers with electric and gas grills. And that is just nowhere near as fun. Read the full review on Gabose in Lauderhill.