Closer Look: Acme Bakery & Coffee

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Bill Wisser
On a recent Friday afternoon at Acme Bakery & Coffee, about six of 35 seats are occupied. The décor has a vintage feel: Bottles of soda line refrigerators, black-and-white '50s-style posters adorn the walls, and loaves of bread fill the bakery's many wooden bins. Its "all-American" brand was developed by the Pious Pig Restaurant Group, the three-person team of Alejandro Ortiz, Aniece Meinhold, and Cesar Zapata. They also operate and own the Federal Food, Drink & Provisions on Biscayne Boulevard and sponsored the pop-up Phuc Yeah! (which closed last year but will reopen for Art Basel at midtown's Scope Art Fair). But the trio's impressive success with those other ventures does not ensure a flawless meal at Acme. For one thing, if you grab a table at the bakery's outdoor seating area, you will likely wait ten minutes for service. On one occasion when I visited, a waitress wearing horn-rimmed glasses stopped by to take our order. "Sorry for the wait. We were doing counter service until the afternoon shift came in," she explained. The bakery seems to randomly alternate between ordering methods, which can make for a very slow and confusing meal. Read the full review on Acme Bakery & Coffee and Lee & Marie's Cakery Company.