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Taquiza's Steve Santana does more work than necessary. No one said he needed to import dried blue corn from small Mexican farms. Not a soul told him to undertake the painstaking process of...

Sushi Erika

Erika, the daughter and right hand of beloved itamae Michio Kushi, opened her own sushi spot just down the road from her dad's old haunt, Sushi Deli, in North Bay Village in 2018, and she brought...
Sushi, Japanese

Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann

Within the luxurious confines of the Faena Hotel, orange flames lick a multifunctional grill designed and built in Texas. Oak and charcoal fuel the plancha, parrilla, and smoker. It's also the...


This high-end venue with a cool treehouse theme and indoor outdoor areas is one of the hippest new clubs on South Beach. The club boasts cutting-edge bookings of internationally renowned...
Dance Clubs

Basement Miami

The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" and John Travolta in flared pants -- that's what comes to mind when you hear the word "disco." But even though platform shoes and sequined jumpsuits were the craze in...
Bars and Clubs, Dance Clubs

Fifi's Seafood Restaurant

Owners Nelson Sanchez and his wife Mayneth (the cook, better known as Fifi) have brought a warm neighborhood seafood eatery to North Beach, and residents have responded by packing the joint...
Seafood, Restaurants

Cafe Ragazzi

The fascination with tiny trattorias continues, as evidenced by the brisk business at this 40-seater. Though the service is warm and personable, homemade bread, a decent house wine, and a pleasant...
Italian, Restaurants

Café Prima Pasta

Opened in 1993, Café Prima Pasta is still almost always busy, and the welcome is as personal as it was when the place was an eighth of its current size. The pastas, breads, and desserts are still...
Italian, Restaurants

Cafe Avanti

This pleasant Northern Italian restaurant offers a number of French nuances. Start with soups as good as their pretty names promise: minestrone Genovese, tortellini in brodo, or zuppa maitata. The...
Italian, Restaurants

Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

This Argentine café is simply too good to have remained a secret. Generally speaking, if a bakery isn't crowded, it isn't worth visiting, so get in line at the always-buzzing Buenos Aires. Grab a...
Bakery, Cafe, Coffeehouse

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