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Dave Matthews Band Doesn't Deserve Your Derision

55 minutes ago by James Biagiotti
The case against DMB isn’t quite as strong as some make it out to be.

Comedian Nikki Glaser: "The Problems of a Single Woman in Her 30s Are Universal"

55 minutes ago by Nicholas Olivera
Comedian Nikki Glaser compares standup to weightlifting — and she is very much a bodybuilder. “If I don’t get out there and do it every single night, I will get rusty,” she says. “Just like weightlifting, if you’re a comedian and you take two days off in a row, you lose serious progress.”

House of Food Porn Offers "Shushi" in LIttle Haiti

55 minutes ago by Juliana Accioly
Chef Francisco Antonio Blanco rolls up unique combinations of ingredients into "shushi" rolls in Little Haiti.

Despite Abuse Allegations, South Beach Classics Star Ted Vernon Back on TV

1 hour ago by Jessica Lipscomb
For seven years, Miami car dealer Ted Vernon starred in a fledgling reality TV show called South Beach Classics that aired on the Discovery Channel and the Velocity network. All the while, Vernon's costar — his then-wife, Robin Ziel — says behind the scenes, he made her life a living hell.

Miami Salsa Congress Celebrates Its 18th Birthday With Music and Parties

1 hour ago by Christian Portilla
There's a Disney World for salseros, and it doesn't take four hours to get there. The Miami Salsa Congress, now in its 18th year, is back with a salsa extravaganza July 20 through 28. The event, which is expected to draw 5,000 attendees, will offer classes, parties, workshops, and live bands.

Miami Music Festival and Miami Wagner Institute Stage The Flying Dutchman

1 hour ago by Artburst Miami
When Richard Wagner wrote Der Fliegende Holländer, or The Flying Dutchman, in 1843, he imagined the two-hour-plus opera performed with no intermission. Perhaps fortunately for some audience members, the Miami Music Festival and Miami Wagner Institute will not stay true to the great German composer's original vision this Friday, July 19, at...

The Mysterious Disease Killing Florida's Coral Reefs

2 hours ago by Jess Nelson
A new scientific study links nitrogen to the mysterious disease killing Florida's coral reefs.

Amnesty International Calls Homestead Migrant Facility a Human Rights Violation

2 hours ago by Brittany Shammas
Some teenagers have languished for months behind the tall, chain-link fences of the Homestead Shelter for Unaccompanied Children, the country's only for-profit detention center for migrant kids. But in a report released today, Amnesty International says children should be detained only as a last resort, and for the shortest time possible, in the least restrictive setting possible. Holding them in "prolonged and indefinite detention," the organization says, is a human rights violation.

South Florida an Unexpected Top Prosecutor of Child Sex Trafficking as Enforcement Slows Nationwide

18 hours ago by Manuel Madrid
South Florida's high ranking when it comes to prosecuting child sex trafficking might come as a surprise given the district's controversial deal-making with Jeffrey Epstein, brokered by former Trump Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. Nationwide, such prosecutions have plunged over the past two years despite overall federal prosecutions for crimes spiking under the Trump administration.

J. Wakefield Brewing Reopens With New Star Wars and Superhero Murals

21 hours ago by Laine Doss
When J. Wakefield Brewing opens tomorrow after a week-plus break for renovations, beer lovers will see a newer and more colorful taproom. The walls of the brewery will boast two new murals, still being finished today.

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