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Brujx School Teaches Miami's Black and Brown Femmes the Healing Power of Decolonized Magic

16 minutes ago by Liz Tracy
Sabel Santa is a good cosmic witch who uses her skills to create a better world through her work with the creative activist collective [F]empower.

Spoon's Jim Eno on Touring With Beck and Cage the Elephant: It's "Almost Like a Mini-Festival"

48 minutes ago by James Biagiotti
Spoon's Jim Eno on the band's recent greatest hits album Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon, and the Night Running Tour with Beck and Cage the Elephant.

Toes in Sand, Beer in Hand at Brews at the Beach

1 hour ago by David Minsky
Beer festivals in Florida are typically held at a park or in a parking lot, but Brews at the Beach will let you down some brews while shoving your toes in the sand. Get ready to party December 7 on Fort Lauderdale Beach at Sunrise Boulevard and A1A.

Fred Schneider on the B-52's Early Struggles: "My Voice Was Considered Commercial Radio Poison"

2 hours ago by Wendy Rhodes
Fred Schneider talks about how the B-52's struggled to get radio airtime for "Love Shack," how he overcame an unhappy childhood, and why no one should ever let him near their plants.

Environmental Groups Blast Trump Administration for Failing Florida's Green Sea Turtles

2 hours ago by Jess Nelson
Nearly 90 percent of all sea turtle nesting in the United States occurs on Florida beaches. Every summer, thousands of threatened and endangered sea turtles emerge from the water at night to lay their eggs in the sand.

This Kendall Cafe Offers Seven People With Disabilities Grounds for Employment

3 hours ago by Amber Love Bond
Currently Our Grounds employs seven individuals between the ages of 19 and 28 with disabilities that include Down's Syndrome, autism, and more. For most, it's their first job ever.

Feds Charge Boca Raton Salesman Involved in $3.8 Million Investment Scam

3 hours ago by Manuel Madrid
There won't be any movies made about the multimillion-dollar scam sold by Boca Raton resident Scott Strochak. No Leonardo DiCaprio depictions, no adaptions by Martin Scorsese, and no big-money Netflix deal. In truth, Strochak's alleged scheme amounts to small potatoes when it comes to ill-gotten riches in South Florida, and even smaller in the larger world of financial chicanery. Still, $3.8 million is nothing to balk at.

The Disheveled History of Miami's Shopping Malls

3 hours ago by Malcolm Lauredo
Until the mid-'50s, Miami's definitive shopping district was nestled on bustling Flagler Street in downtown. Many amenities standard in today's shopping malls could be found there: department stores (most important, the Burdines on South Miami Avenue), restaurants, general retail, and movie theaters. The area was a place to eat, drink,...

Okeechobee Music Festival 2020 Tickets Go on Sale August 23

18 hours ago by Jose D. Duran
Whether it was through public records or a brief by Lake Okeechobee News, it was clear Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival was set to return in 2020. It was also clear that Insomniac, the event promotion company behind Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), was behind the festival's return.

After Threat From Florida's Retail Lobby, Surfside to Overturn Its Plastic Bag Ban

21 hours ago by Jessica Lipscomb
A mere six weeks ago, Surfside commissioners passed a sweeping ban of most single-use plastics, hoping to rid the town of plastic bags, utensils, and dinnerware. At the time, Mayor Daniel Dietch praised the ban as a reasonable measure that would help reduce plastic pollution in the oceanside community.

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