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Here's How Trump's Rhetoric Keeps Inspiring Death-Threats in South Florida

2 hours ago by Jerry Iannelli
Donald Trump's many defenders in Florida — Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart and Matt Gaetz, et cetera — are currently twisting themselves into pretzel-knots to avoid admitting the Preiisident's tweets, words, and general demeanor are brazenly racist and dangerous. He told four congresswomen of color to leave...

Miami-Dade Cops Won't Stop People for "Weed Smell" Alone Thanks to New Law

2 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
This past July 1, Florida legalized hemp — the part of the cannabis plant that isn't psychoactive and can be used to make rope, paper, all sorts of food, and CBD oil. But the new law is also leading to a less expected consequence: It's changing the way cops conduct drug enforcement.

Snatch Your Ticket to New Times' Iron Fork 2019

2 days ago by Laine Doss
New Times' 12th-annual Iron Fork, presented by Wild Fork Foods, will take place Thursday, October 3, at the James L. Knight Center and Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami.

Eyes on Miami: Jason Derulo, Olivia Culpo, Wilmer Valderrama, and Others

2 days ago by World Red Eye
It's not easy having eyes all over the scene, being around to take in all the wild visuals at all the worthwhile places in the city. There are, however, those parties and gallery openings where a fortunate photographer can point and shoot. Every week, in collaboration with World Red Eye,...

A Vegan, Plastic-Free Ice-Cream Shop Is Opening in Wynwood

2 days ago by Hannah Sentenac
Miami's first plant-based ice cream shop is opening in Wynwood on August 2, and it's plastic-free, too.

Magic Leap Demos Average Shooter Game, Promises Iron Man Potential

2 days ago by Joshua Ceballos
What's striking about Dr. Grordbort's (say that five times fast) is how similar it feels to any other virtual-reality shooter available on the Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. Using the console's control wand as a gun, you point and shoot at enemies who appear through your Magic Tech goggles. This all feels familiar. What's different though, is how Magic Leap uses the environment around you as a stage.

Amnesty International: Homestead Official Said Kids With No Sponsor Should be Deported

2 days ago by Brittany Shammas
When an Amnesty International delegation visited the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children in April, there were at least 97 children who had no one to care for them in the United States. In a comment that stunned the Amnesty group, the Homestead facility's then-program director Leslie Wood said it was better for kids like them to be deported than placed with someone for the purpose of keeping them in the country because they might be trafficked.

Venezuelans Are Dismayed by Trump's New Asylum Rule: "The Doors Are Being Closed On Us"

2 days ago by Manuel Madrid
With its new rule eliminating asylum for most migrants at the southwestern border with Mexico, the Trump administration has bolted shut one of the few remaining legal entryways for Venezuelans seeking safety in the Unites States.

The Five Best Concerts in Miami This Weekend

2 days ago by Liz Tracy
These are the five best concerts in Miami July 19 through July 21.

The Eight Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

2 days ago by Celia Almeida
Megarumba, Young the Giant with Fitz and the Tantrums, and more of the best things to do in Miami this weekend, July 19 through 21.

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