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@Krocaine at Vanity Projects

Kro Vargas, better known by her Instagram handle @Krocaine, is a nail artist in the truest sense of the word. Stick out your cuticles, fork over $70 to $180, and holler, "Kro, do whatever you want." She'll slather your fingertips in a psychedelic collage: a pixelated yin-yang, twinkling-heart pupil, and...
Best Of Winner

Best Manicure

Vanity Projects

If you're looking to take that vivid loudness to a whole new level, there's one spot in town that can turn your nails into a work of art.
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Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women

Downtown Arts+Science Salon

Tango lessons. Museum visits. A Junot Díaz lecture. And lots of fine wine. The Downtown Arts+Science Salon is like the montage scene in a Hollywood movie, in which a schlubby male is transformed into a veritable Renaissance man. You arrive swigging screwdrivers and grunting about sports; you leave sipping Chardonnay...

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