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Here's How You Can Adopt a Racing Greyhound

9 months ago by Brittany Shammas
As soon as the news broke that Floridians had voted to end greyhound racing, local adoption groups were flooded with calls and applications from across the country. It seemed everyone wanted to bring home an ex-racer. But apparently forgotten in the panic over the fate of Florida's thousands of...

iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Announces Lineup: Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and More

4 years ago by Ryan Pfeffer
Last year, iHeartRadio — the annual Latin music-focused mini-festival from the internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. (formerly known as Clear Channel Media and Entertainment) — held its first-ever Fiesta Latina in Los Angeles, starring Ricky Martin, Pitbull, J. Balvin, and many more. Back in May, iHeartRadio announced that they'd...

iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Moving to Miami

4 years ago by S. Pajot
Is it getting caliente in here? Yes, hot and sweaty and crazy, papo. Because iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina, the annual Latin music-focused mini-festival from the internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. (formerly known as Clear Channel Media and Entertainment), has just revealed a secret: It's moving the party to the American...

Spy Bob Levinson Vanished in Iran

6 years ago by Allie Conti
Inside the Colonial-style monolith that houses Beggs & Lane, Pensacola's oldest law firm, sits Sonya Dobbs, a thin-lipped paralegal from Birmingham, Alabama, with a button nose and long black hair. The perfectly coifed, 52-year-old mother of three pastes user name after user name and password after password into an array...

Slime and Schemes Simmer in Surfside

12 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
On March 2, 2004, a crisp spring morning around 9:00, Surfside Police Det. John Davis left the station in a blue Crown Victoria. Accompanied by a fellow officer and three agents from the Florida Department of Revenue, he headed for a four-bedroom, two-story house on a corner lot at 1116...

Selected Calendar Events for the Week of September 8, 2005

THU 8 Artists find inspiration in the strangest places. "I was walking behind a very, um, obese lady, and she was wearing purple spandex," says New York photographer Daniel Aubry, who pauses to laugh. "And I imagined her as a mound, or pile, of cheeseburgers." From that thought Aubry conceived...


THUR 9 June is already proving to be an eventful month for Jude Papaloko Thegenius. For five years his Jakmel Art Gallery (currently at 2301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) has brought vivid culture to a bustling downtown thoroughfare. Now he suddenly has to move to a new location in Little Haiti...

Daddy's Girl

13 years ago by Kelly Cramer
A secret sexual relationship with his daughter was not enough. There had to be a wedding. And it had to be a grand celebration befitting a Fisher Island multimillionaire who controls billions of dollars from Wall Street to Bermuda, from London to Dubai. So on a sunny June day two...

Gore Scores

17 years ago by Jeff Stratton
In a few weeks 73-year-old Fort Lauderdale millionaire Herschell Gordon Lewis will be in a Cleveland recording studio. There he'll sing a new version of the theme song to 2000 Maniacs, the classic gore film he directed in 1964. Members of underground Ohio rockers the Pagans, Pink Holes, Pere Ubu,...

Will He Stay or Will He Go?

17 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
1. Dusk on May 13. Mayor Manny Diaz is aboard the Island Lady, an executive yacht that sails from the Miami River behind the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami. Hizzoner is playing host to several dozen high-ranking officials from the international consulates, like Finland's then-Consul General William Spohrer; Germany's Consul...

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