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Fane Lozman's Houseboat Case Going to The U.S. Supreme Court

8 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
One word describes Fane Lozman perfectly: Pugnacious. Today the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the ex-U.S. Marine pilot's appeal that the City of Riviera Beach unlawfully removed his "floating home." Last year, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Lozman's complaint, in which he argued his "floating home" is...

U.S. Supreme Court Might Take Up Rick Scott's "Drug Test Everyone" Plan

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Gov. Rick Scott's plan to randomly drug test every single state employee in Florida -- from department heads to minimum wage DMV janitors -- has already failed the common-sense test and an appeals court ruling. A trial run of the program found that almost no state employees were failing, while...

Florida's Death Penalty System Is Unconstitutional, U.S. Supreme Court Rules

4 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Last year, Florida was one of the most enthusiastic states in the nation for handing out the death penalty — and it sentenced those prisoners to death with an unusual system. It's one of just three states that doesn't require a unanimous jury to deliver the ultimate punishment.  Now, that...

All Mug Shots Should Be Public, New Times Freelancer Argues In Case U.S. Supreme Court May Hear

8 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Theo Karantsalis, a soft-spoken librarian who teaches research classes at Miami Dade College between freelancing for Miami New Times and the Miami Herald, has become an unlikely central character in a hotly contested federal case that has free-speech advocates ready to clash with top D.C. officials. In a case that...

Parkland Students Tell Supreme Court Gun Violence Is a Youth Epidemic

2 months ago by Jess Nelson
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the first Second Amendment case in almost a decade.

Miami Now One of the Worst Places in the U.S. for Asylum Seekers

12 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Trump and his appointees have gleefully dismantled the U.S. asylum system.

Supreme Court Decision Could Open Challenges to Miami-Dade's LGBTQ Protections

3 months ago by Jess Nelson
The nation's highest court will soon decide if it's legal to fire someone based on gender identity or sexual orientation — and Florida activists are watching closely to see how the decision will affect the LGBTQ community in the Sunshine State.

New Podcast Highlights Government Critic Fane Lozman's Supreme Court Win

8 months ago by Brittany Shammas
Fane Lozman's U.S. Supreme Court victory against the city of Riviera Beach is highlighted in Matthew Billy's new podcast about censorship, called Bleeped.

Despite Messages of Solidarity, the U.S. Still Deports Venezuelans

4 months ago by Manuel Madrid
When he was ordered deported from the United States, Diego Alejandro Rojas didn't think of himself. His mind didn't turn to the chaos that awaited him in Venezuela. He didn't linger on the death threats from the local paramilitary thugs who forced him to flee in the first place.

Vandal Who Wrote Epstein Message on Art Basel Banana Wall Back in Miami Court

16 days ago by Jessica Lipscomb
Massachusetts artist Rod Webber called his work "The Lipstick."

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