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Sweet Liberty's Brunch Is Miami's Best Hangover Cure

3 years ago by Laine Doss
Here's the scenario: It's Sunday afternoon, and you just woke up. Feeling fuzzy with a slight headache, you recall having a wee bit too much fun at last evening's holiday fete. You pop a few Tylenol and vaguely recall making plans to get together with your squad today. No worries...

Miami's Ten Best New Year's Eve 2017 Parties

3 years ago by Kat Bein
Another year has come and gone, and what've you got to show for it? A pocketful of unused drink tickets and an addiction to Tylenol? Oh, Miami, you party so hard. Look, 2017 will be different. You'll be all about living that #FitLyfe, going to bed at a decent hour,...

Miami’s Top Five Hangover Breakfasts for Post-Ultra Mornings

4 years ago by Julie Harans
After spending a full day in a chaotic crowd under the hot sun as EDM blasts through monumental speakers, post-Ultra Music Festival-mornings can be tough. There are two options when it comes to a culinary cure: detox with light, clean fare and fresh-pressed juices or go for all things cheesy, greasy...

The Ten Best Things to Buy at Aldi Market

4 years ago by Laine Doss
Aldi opened its latest Miami location at 1290 NE 108th St. in Miami a few months ago. The store, located right off Biscayne Blvd., is geographically situated pretty much between a Publix on 96th and Biscayne and Whole Foods Market on 123rd and Biscayne. The chain, a distant cousin of...

New Year's Day Brunches in Miami 2015

5 years ago by Laine Doss
Here's the scenario. You wake up New Year's Day sometime in the late morning after a long, fun evening of champagne, fireworks, and dancing. You pop a few Tylenol to kill the dull throbbing of your hangover, but what you really need more than painkillers are eggs... and pancakes... and...

Biogenesis Just Hints at Florida's Anti-Aging Catastrophe

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Outside a $600,000 Coconut Grove condo, the pool glittered blue in the afternoon sunlight and tennis balls popped off a green asphalt court. Inside, a tornado hit. Sharon Cohen watched her heavily tattooed Spanish husband, Alvaro, slam his head over and over against a TV set. She'd recently filed for...

A Tranny's Remorse

12 years ago by Ashley Harrell
Michael Berke looks the biker-dude part. He's a solid six feet in tattoos, Harley jeans, a black cut-off T-shirt, a narrow ginger beard, the beginnings of a Fu Manchu, and a freckled, clean-shaven head. On a recent Tuesday, he climbs a wooden ladder in a suburban Delray Beach garage and...

Amigo Skate Cuba's 16-Band Skateboard Benefit at Transit Lounge Tomorrow

9 years ago by Christopher Lopez
When considering the misfortune (a communist dictatorship that rules with an iron fist, poverty pedaled as "socialist equality," a lack of basic comforts like Tylenol and, oh, light after 8 p.m., and freedom of speech) that's befallen the once sweet island paradise known as Cuba, it's easy to forget that...

ILLEGAL from Terry Greene Sterling

9 years ago by Terry Greene Sterling
ILLEGAL from Terry Greene Sterling

Invasion of the Amazon Women

11 years ago by Natalie O'Neill
The elevator doors part, and Mikayla Miles joins a threesome of clean-cut executives on the way up to the ninth floor. It's 8 p.m., and the businessmen, still in their suits, cease chatting to stare at the dimpled, green-eyed blonde. A muscular 220 pounds, she towers over them at six...

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