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Florida Man Wingsuits From 14,000 Feet

6 months ago by Chris Joseph
Wind ripped violently through the fuselage. A man in a dark helmet and shades shouted instructions to a fellow passenger in a lemon-yellow helmet and white-framed Oakleys, but his words were drowned out by the roar, so hand signals were exchanged. The yellow-helmeted one inched toward the five-foot-wide open door,...

Inside Tim Canova's Bernie-Fueled Bid to Upset U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

3 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
It's May 13, just after 6:30 p.m., and a grimy Fort Lauderdale Denny's reeks of cooking grease and industrial disinfectant when Tim Canova busts through the door. He's trailed by a small team of handlers. An audience of about 20 ACLU members awaits him at a banquet table and surrounding...

After Judge Concludes Doughnut-Obsessed GOP Governor Candidate Groped Aide, Tried to Trade Sex for Votes, He Resigns UPDATED

2 years ago by Tim Elfrink
It was early morning in the Florida Capitol, and Sen. Jack Latvala — among the most powerful men in the Senate — was furious. He wanted doughnuts, and there were no doughnuts to be found. He was so angry he berated a junior staffer for the Senate majority leader, who then called in Rachel Perrin Rogers, a high-ranking aide.

Miami Photographer Tim Chapman Leads Lawsuit Against Remington Over Misfiring Guns

7 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Tim Chapman, a veteran news photographer who retired last year from the Miami Herald, had been hunting his whole life, and obeyed one rule above all: Always assume your gun is loaded and ready to fire. In October 2009, it probably saved his life. That's when Chapman's Remington Model 700...

III Points' Explosive Growth Transforms Miami Music

2 years ago by Zach Schlein
Little about III Points' planning, execution, or aesthetic is conventional. Since its inception in 2013, it has consistently been bizarre and unexpected.

Don Cattingly, Miami's Greatest Cat, Delays Marlins Game and Then Vanishes Into Little Havana

3 years ago by Tim Elfrink
These are dark times for Miami Marlins fans. There's a raw, Jose Fernandez-sized hole in this franchise, and the one comfort that Fish fans could lean on this year — hated owner Jeffrey Loria's impending sale of the team — still looks a long way from happening. You'd forgive Fish faithful from feeling blue as they shuffled into Marlins Park for the home opener last night.

Let's All Help a Writer Buy His Way Into Mar-a-Lago to Keep Trump in Check

3 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Like most of America, John DeVore was astounded to see the Facebook photos posted by a random Palm Beach rich dude last weekend. Thanks to his membership at Mar-a-Lago, some guy named Richard DeAgazio managed to sidle up to the nuclear football for a selfie and watch a North Korean...

How a Floating Bale of Cocaine Led to the Florida Keys' Worst Murder in Decades

3 years ago by Tim Elfrink
The three kids heard something in the night but figured mom was just arguing with her boyfriend Carlos. So they went back to sleep. Friday morning, 8-year-old Noah got up for school and awoke his siblings, 4-year-old Martha and 3-year-old Michael. Mom and Carlos still hadn't stirred, so he walked...

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend: New Year's Eve 2017 Edition

3 years ago by Clarissa Buch
The best time of the year is finally here — New Year's Eve weekend. Welcome 2017 with music, art, parties, and boozy beverages galore. From Coral Gables to Little Havana to South Beach, these are the best places to be until the sun comes up Monday morning.

Artist Raymond Brown's Death in Mural Accident Raises Questions About Construction Firm's Safety Record

3 years ago by Brittany Shammas
Forty feet above Hollywood, Raymond Brown helps his friend Douglas "Hoxxoh" Hoekzema sketch out a design on the side of a new luxury high-rise. The two stand side by side on a narrow platform suspended over the side of the towering condo building. After weeks of work, they're nearly finished...

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