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White House Music

27 years ago by Todd Anthony
Now that Skinny Elvis has his stamp, Fat Elvis has ascended into the White House, and Saddam Hussein has so graciously consented to single-handedly reversing CNN's ratings slump, the time has finally come to refocus our nation's awesome problem-solving skills on a deeper dilemma, one that threatens to lower the...

White House Down, the Drinking Game

6 years ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Title: White House Down How Many Times Have We Seen the White House Destroyed on Film?: If you mean, the royal "we," then seven: WHD, Superman 2, Mars Attacks!, Earth vs the Flying Saucers, 2012, Independence Day, and Olympus Has Fallen. Rating Using Random Objects Relevant to the Film: Two-and-a...

Pence Visits Miami, and Dems Kill Their White House 2020 Chances With Dumb Venezuela Talk

5 months ago by Chuck Strouse
Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Miami today to show his support for Juan Guaidó, leader of the opposition in Venezuela, whom many, including President Donald Trump, would like to lead the embattled South American country.

ONE's White House Bounce House Is the Antidote to Election Stress

3 years ago by Lena Katz
You've tried everything to overcome election-related stress: drinking, exercise, meditation, Ben & Jerry's, more drinking. Nothing has worked — yet. But who knows? Maybe relief awaits you in the form of a giant inflatable White House. Today, a traveling, grownup-size bounce house in the shape of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will...

Obama Beer? The President's White House Honey Ale

8 years ago by Anais Alexandre
We are lucky to live in the land of the free and home of the brewed. Barack Obama broke new culinary ground by being the first U.S. president to make a home-crafted beer. Officially, it's called White House Honey Ale.This light ale is made with a pound of honey from...

Feverish Ice Cream Heads To The White House

8 years ago by Laine Doss
Feverish Ice Cream owners Felecia Hatcher and Derick Pearson are headed to Washington D.C., where they'll be feted for their accomplishments at a special White House reception tomorrow, Thursday, November 17. Business partners (and husband and wife) Hatcher and Pearson started Feverish Ice Cream in 2008. The company sells ice...

White House Confuses University of Miami With the Ohio School

7 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
President Barack Obama was just at the University of Miami, so you'd think that his staff could get the name of the school correct. Apparently not. The White House sent out a press release today describing University of Miami president Donna Shalala as "President of Miami University."Miami University is a...

White House Uses Debunked Mariel Boatlift Study to Propose Immigration Crackdown

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
According to virtually every sociologist except Harvard University's George Borjas, the Mariel Boatlift in the 1980s did not hurt the wages of the Miamians who were already living here. In fact, some research shows  the huge influx of Cuban migrants raised city wages in the long term.

The White House Does Not Care About The Herald's Problems

11 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
The current staff of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is still pretending like they're running the country and doing little pretend press briefings, even though the press could give a shit about them now. So the White House is all like, "hey, right back at you, press." Today, a reporter asked Press...

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