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DJ Kitty is Now an Official Mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays

8 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Oh, sure, the Miami Marlins have got a loaded new roster, an expensive new home, and new logos and uniforms of divisive aesthetic quality. Hell they've even got a new name. None of that matters now. It's boring in comparison. Yawn. Do you hear us yawning?Clearly the most exciting MLB...

Tampa Bay Rays Introduce "DJ Kitty": The Best Marketing Gimmick the Marlins Never Thought Of

9 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Our beleaguered Florida Marlins have tried all sorts of game day gimmicks to drum up local support. They were the first MLB team to have cheerleaders, and have tried everything from pint-sized mini-mascots to a dance squads made up entirely of obese men. What they have not tried is shooting...

Rick Scott is Not Familiar With This Strange Term "Tampa Bay"

8 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
How well does Gov. Rick Scott really know Florida? Apparently not well enough to know that the area including St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater -- you know, the second biggest metro area in his state -- is pretty commonly referred to as "Tampa Bay." We don't like to pull the...

MLB Attendance Was Way Down in 2019, and the Marlins Ranked Super-Dead Last

18 days ago by Ryan Yousefi
In 2019, a grand total of 6,776 home runs were hit during the Major League Baseball season, an astounding 671 more than the previous record set in 2017. Fifteen teams in MLB broke their all-time franchise for dingers...

Florida Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tuesday, December 10, 7:00PM @ BB&T Center

Vegas Says the Dolphins Have Historically Terrible Odds of Making the Playoffs

4 days ago by Ryan Yousefi
Perhaps you've seen it in the newspapers, but for those who just returned from a backpacking trip through the Amazon, we have some very sad and unfortunate news: The 2019 Miami Dolphins are a hideous football team with which you should under no circumstances make eye contact.

Mike's Weather Page Is the Unofficial Voice of Hurricane Dorian

2 months ago by Kristine Gill
Last year, as Florence approached the United States, Mike Boylan went live from his home office in Oldsmar, about a half-hour north of Tampa. The storm for days had waffled between a Category 4 hurricane and a tropical storm, either of which could become a pain in the ass for parts of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

The Best Cultural Events in Miami for the 2019-20 Season

20 days ago by Olivia McAuley
October If you can’t snap a mesmerizing Instagram photo from 34 beautifully crafted lantern exhibits, well, that’s on you. Luminosa Festival of Lights will make the Jungle Island grounds glow this fall in a partnership with the Chinese lantern festival heavyweights Zigong Lantern Group and China Lantern International. This is...

Rays of Hope

9 years ago by Jordan Sargent
Pro baseball in Florida has long been the new kid at school who is openly mocked for no other reason than being new. He’s nerdy and prefers to be left alone. And he has no friends, which only makes the bullying worse. Maybe he gets in a few classic comebacks,...

Former NFL Player Monty Ray Grow Left Toddler in a Tampa Bay Strip Club Parking Lot

6 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Monty Ray Grow spent two years in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs, and spent his college years with the Florida Gators. He spent last night in jail. The former footballer was arrested after leaving a three-year-old girl in a car while he went into the...

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