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A Professor's Murder in Tallahassee Was a Contract Hit, Prosecutors Say

5 months ago by Steve Miller
"Hold on a second — there's someone I don't recognize in my driveway." Dan Markel, a Florida State University law professor and one of America's most eminent legal scholars, was chatting idly on his cell phone as he drove up to his Tallahassee home. The morning was bright and a...

LAST CHANCE! 40% Off ALL Clearance Races! 5K thru 26.2 -Tallahassee

Sunday, October 27, 1:00PM @ Tallahassee
Sports - Participatory

Smoke Pot Now, Tallahassee

7 years ago by Luther Campbell
Florida lawmakers need to roll up a fat joint to celebrate 4/20 and chill out. While Republican legislators move full speed ahead to ban the sale of bongs and glass pipes, they ignore a measure to legalize medical marijuana. These guys must think we're still living in 1936, the year...

Get Wasted for $10 In Tallahassee

7 years ago by Hannah Sentenac
To the surprise of many Miamians -- the confines of Florida stretch above and beyond the 305. And while the rest of the Sunshine State might be a little more, ahem, rural, than we're used to, other cities do have their unique charms. Take Tallahassee, for example. Our illustrious state...

The Race Across the Netherlands 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2 -Tallahassee

Saturday, November 2, 1:00PM @ Tallahassee
Sports - Participatory

Five Florida Bills to Keep an Eye on During the Next Legislative Session

9 days ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Florida's next legislative session doesn't begin until January, but already, lawmakers have filed dozens of bills with the potential to drastically change the way things are done here in the Sunshine State.

The Six Best Food and Drink Events in Miami This Weekend

11 days ago by Clarissa Buch
Salt & Straw, the Portland, Oregon-based ice-cream shop, hosts two pop-ups with $1 creams, while Grovetoberfest returns to Regatta Park with more than 500 brews. Plus, South Beach's Macchialina launches Red Sauce Sundays, and LT Steak and Seafood hosts a beer dinner with Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective.

Grovetoberest 2019 Will Have a Star Wars Theme

15 days ago by David Minsky
Grovetoberfest has switched locations in Coconut Grove over the years but now it's back in Regatta Park on October 12 to accommodate more breweries this year, said organizer Tony Albelo of Swarm, Inc. Now in its ninth year, Grovetoberfest is one of the biggest and most anticipated beer festivals in Miami and this year it will include more than 500 beers all wrapped in a Star Wars theme.

Here's What to Expect From the Dan Markel Murder Trial

29 days ago by Steve Miller
Several days after his May 2016 arrest for the murder of Dan Markel, Sigfredo Garcia made a jailhouse phone call to Kathy Magbanua, his former girlfriend and the mother of two of his children. He told her he would "be out soon and [would] either file a lawsuit or 'get the hell out of Dodge' and leave everything behind them," according to an FBI transcript of the call.

Florida Cities Would Need Governor's Permission to Resettle Refugees Under New Trump Order

21 days ago by Manuel Madrid
As the United States moves closer to admitting record low levels of refugees, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez says the county is ready to resettle additional people. But that might not be up to him anymore.

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